Did Lauren Luyendyk Believe She & Arie Were Meant To Be?

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Lauren Luyendyk formerly Lauren Burnham met and fell for Arie Luyendyk on The Bachelor. He didn’t initially choose Lauren. First, he chose and became engaged to Becca Kufrin on the finale. However, by the finale aired on television, he had changed his mind realizing it was really Lauren he was in love with. He broke up with Becca on Tv and the two have been together ever since. Now, looking back, did Lauren always know she was meant to be with Arie? Keep reading to find out more.

Did Lauren Luyendyk always know that Arie was the one for her?

The Bachelor has such a short filming time that sometimes couples may question if they are truly meant to be together. Sometimes contestants just have a hunch or gut feeling it’s supposed to work out. So, how did Lauren Luyendyk feel about Arie? Did she believe they were supposed to end up together at the end of it all?

Lauren answered an Instagram Q&A in which a fan asked that very question. Her response was, “No I didn’t ‘know,’ but I had a strong feeling. Sometimes you just can feel that something is meant to be.”

Since being with Arie and getting married, the happy couple has welcomed three children into the world. They have Alessi and twins Senna and Lux.

Having three children so close in age can be rough. So, how do Lauren and Arie keep the spice in their marriage? She says, “We get into funks sometimes just like anyone else, but I like breaking the ice by flirting and acting goofy so Arie has to acknowledge me. We also know that when we get to that place, I’m usually PMSing or we are due for a date night.”

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She reflected on her single days recently

Lauren also reflected on her single days recently and shared that she used to daydream about what her future would look like. She used to pray for the man she would end up marrying and wonder what their life would look like.

Now, Lauren has found the man of her dreams. She’s grateful for the life she has built with Arie and their three beautiful children. Lauren said, I’ve always been a strong believer in the power of manifesting things you want to see in existence, but it’s still so wild looking back once those things have come true.”

Arie and Lauren via Insta 1

As for summer plans, Lauren revealed they will travel to the Netherlands in July so their Dutch family can meet the twins for the first time.

What do you think of Lauren having a feeling that she would end up with Arie?

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