‘BIP’ Season 9 Spoilers: First Rose Ceremony Eliminations

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Reality Steve is beginning to find out what has been happening in Mexico over the past week. BIP began filming on June 6 and there have already reportedly been two rose ceremonies. There has not been too much information coming out just yet. However, Steve was able to share who was eliminated at the first rose ceremony. Keep reading to find out more. Warning! Spoilers ahead. 

BIP Season 9 spoilers shared by Reality Steve 

BIP is well underway. In fact, according to Reality Steve, filming will already be wrapping up sometime around June 24. He reported that this is actually about a half week earlier than normal. While he continues to gather more spoilers for die-hard Bachelor Nation fans who can’t wait to see the season play out on their screens, he did share a little piece of information.

Steve shared that it was the men who were in charge of giving out roses at the first rose ceremony. The men have been first to give them out in all but a few seasons. There is no known reason why. What is known is that three women left the beach already. Who are they?

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According to Reality Steve’s daily podcast, three women were sent home at the first rose ceremony. A few names may be surprising to some. They are all from Zach Shallcross’ season of The Bachelor. The three women are Brooklyn Willie, Cat Carter, and Greer Blitzer.

Are you shocked these three ladies were the first to leave the beach?

brooklyn Willie, Greer Blitzer, Cat Carter via Insta

Other spoilers

Steve has not revealed the entire original cast of Bachelor in Paradise Season 9. A few names have been pretty much confirmed previously including Rachel Recchia and Blake Moynes.

Along with those two big names, others from previous seasons are reportedly on the beach. There are several from Charity Lawson’s upcoming season of The Bachelorette including Tanner and Sean.

Of course, Jesse Palmer is the returning host and everyone’s favorite bartender Wells Adams is also there serving up drinks and advice. Wells has been giving fans a few hilarious glimpses into what has been going on at the beach during the first few days.

Wells Adams and Jesse Palmer via Insta

He assured fans there will be drama and there will be love. He also said there will be crabs but not the bad kind because they have rigorous testing for that.

Are you excited to see Season 9 of Bachelor in Paradise? It will air this fall on Tuesday nights on ABC.


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