‘BIP’ Demi Burnett Admits Not Showering Or Eating

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Bachelor in Paradise alum Demi Burnett announced last year that she was diagnosed with autism. Now as she is learning to live with it, she’s opening up about the effects it’s having on her. She made a TikTok about her daily life and it seems Demi has some issues with day-to-day life. Keep reading to find out more about what Demi had to say about not taking care of herself.

Demi Burnett admits to not showering or eating

Demi Burnett has opened up a lot about living with her new diagnosis of autism. Her most recent confession has fans worried. She made a TikTok and has done interviews as well stating that she does not take care of herself.

One thing Demi has said is that people often tell her she doesn’t look like she has autism on Instagram. Her response is that “‘You don’t know what I look like. You know what I want you to think I look like.’”

While she seems to have it all together onscreen, Demi said off-screen she struggled and never knew why until her diagnosis. Along with all that, Demi has admitted she doesn’t take care of herself. An example is eating. She said, “It’s so hard for me to eat because [there are] so many demands that come with eating, like deciding what to eat, preparing the food, sitting down, eating the food, cleaning it all up. No one would believe what I look like… I haven’t showered in three days.”

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In her TikTok video, Demi says she’s so skinny because she doesn’t eat. Plus, she said if she’s not seeing someone up close she’s not brushing her teeth and definitely not showering. In fact, she hasn’t been to the dentist in six years.

Demi has also said she doesn’t sleep in her own bed. She admits she needs help with basic hygiene and making sure she eats.


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She’s not doing this for money

Demi also mentioned that people say she’s doing this for profit. She went on to say that her influencer business is tanking and this is currently the poorest she’s been in a really long time. She also says she feels like she is constantly under threat so she needs someone to look to that will reassure her.

Fans went to the comment section to voice their concern for Demi. Many suggested she seek professional help. Someone mentioned she should see which kinds of therapy her insurance will cover. Demi responded by saying, “Guys there are no therapists covered by insurance for my needs (neurodivergent affirming & PDA trained).”

What do you think about Demi admitting she needs help taking care of her basic needs?


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