‘7 Little Johnstons’ Fans Blast Elizabeth As Immature, Why?

7 Little Johnstons - Elizabeth Johnston - YouTube

7 Little Johnstons fans are blasting Elizabeth Johnston as immature, but why? Something she recently did online got fans talking, and they think she’s acting much younger than her actual age. Scroll down to see what she’s up to now, and see what her followers have to say.

Elizabeth is 21 years old and will celebrate her 22nd birthday in December 2023. Fans have watched her grow up on her family’s TLC show, 7 Little Johnstons. Because she lives her life in the public eye, she is subject to both love and hate from fans and critics. This week, she’s taking the heat over something she shared.

7 Little Johnstons - Elizabeth Johnston - YouTube
7 Little Johnstons – Elizabeth Johnston – YouTube

Elizabeth Johnston shares a new relationship quote.

On her Instagram Stories this week, the 7 Little Johnstons star posted a relationship quote. It talks about healthy relationships, which may be a hint about her long-term relationship with Brice Bolden. There have been rumors about whether this pair is still together.

It reads: 

“Couples in healthy relationships also argue, have different opinions, feel frustrated, insecure and bored at times. Healthy doesn’t mean perfect. What makes a relationship perfect is HOW you choose to move through those challenges TOGETHER.”

Elizabeth Johnston Instagram - 7 Little Johnstons
Elizabeth Johnston Instagram – 7 Little Johnstons

7 Little Johnstons fans blast her as immature.

On RedditTLC viewers reposted the quote from Elizabeth Johnston’s Instagram account. They began talking about what it meant and why she posted it. Some also began to question Elizabeth’s behavior at this point in her life. It turns out that several of her followers feel that she’s being immature by posting this type of content. Some believe that she’s begging Brice to marry her and that she’s rushing into things before she’s ready.

One fan said, “She wants to adult so bad that she’s not ready to adult.” Another added, “She acts like she’s some old wise sage but she’s really just a little girl.” 

Someone else sarcastically called her a “relationship expert,” while another 7 Little Johnstons fan pointed out her immaturity. They said, “Lol, aww, the advice of young ppl w/ 1.5 relationships under their belt, it cracks me up every time but I love the innocence + simplicity of it all.” 

Hopefully, the Johnston family will return to TLC in the near future. As of now, there’s no official renewal or new season release date. In the meantime, fans are enjoying keeping up with them on social media.

So, what do you think of Elizabeth Johnston‘s new post? Do you agree with the fans who think she’s immature? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the 7 Little Johnstons family.

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