‘AGT’ Fans Come At Howie Mandel For Risky Behavior

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Last week, when AGT (America’s Got Talent) featured a mother and son doing a wild knife throwing, fire wearing act, Howie Mandel hit the buzzer and fans immediately came at him for his bad timing. Not only was the act already dangerous, but when Mandel hit the buzzer, it could have gotten much worse.

Ray and Carine Wold Double Up On Danger

Mother, Carine Wold, and her son are all about the danger when it comes to their entertainment. Not only does their act feature knife throwing, but when the knives are being thrown by Ray, he’s also on fire! When they performed on AGT last week, Ray’s hat and coat were on fire as he focused on throwing knives at his mother.

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This isn’t the first time Ray Wold has played with fire or knives for an audience. His Facebook Page goes back to 2020. He has only 4.6K followers but his videos are representative of his talents.

Howie Mandel Hit The Buzzer At The Wrong Moment

The judges were holding their breath as Ray, while burning brightly, threw knives at his mom, Carine Wold. Terry Crews stood on the sidelines, gasping in anticipation.

There was a moment when Ray Wold had a knife poised to throw and the audience was waiting to see if the next knife would hit its intended mark. That’s when Howie hit the buzzer. And it wasn’t even the golden buzzer!

Fans Were Shocked At Howie’s Bad Timing

On social media and on YouTube, fans who watched the flaming mother-son duo and saw Howie’s bad buzzer timing were surprised that Mandel didn’t think about the potential consequences. There were many who expressed concern that the loud noise could have ruined Ray’s concentration, causing a knife to hit Carine.

Some fans of AGT have suggested that the buzzer should be disabled during dangerous acts such as this. It wouldn’t be difficult to give the performers the chance to complete their act within specific time frames and then use the buzzer when it was safe to do so.

Not First Dangerous Act On AGT

This isn’t the first time that AGT has featured dangerous acts. It likely won’t be the last time, either.

In the same episode as the fiery knife throwers, the Rhamadhani Brothers performed some dangerous acrobatic talents – without a safety net. Crews were on edge the entire time they took risks.

According to the U.S. Sun, in late 2021, a performer was seriously injured. Jonathan Goodwin was crushed between two cars. He was trying to escape a straight jacked while suspended in the air. He’s now in a wheelchair because of his injuries on the show.

What do you think of dangerous stunts like these? Should the buzzer be disabled? Or should these kinds of performances simply not be allowed on shows like AGT?

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