‘OutDaughtered’ Uncle Dale Wiggles Hips In Tiny Denim Shorts

Uncle Dale Mills | Instagram

OutDaughtered star, Uncle Dale Mills is known for his whacky antics and having a great time. Now, he’s doing just that, but this time, he’s dancing around the house in some cut-off jean shorts. Keep reading for all the details and to see Uncle Dale bust a move in tiny denim on TikTok.

Uncle Dale takes center stage

Uncle Dale took center stage with not only his stellar dance moves in a new TikTok, but his outfit and muscular body. The OutDaughtered star always seems to be having a great time with his friends and family and this time, he’s taken it to another level. At the start of the video the family posted, Uncle Dale’s two children take center stage – singing along to the new, viral Muffin Man song. After they kick things off, Dale bursts in to take over.

Aunt KiKi and Uncle Dale Mills from Instagram

In the video, Uncle Dale is sporting some cut-off denim jean shorts as he dominates the spotlight. The shorts hit right at his thigh, showing fans a glimpse of his large leg muscles. Clearly, Uncle Dale doesn’t skip leg day.

On top, he opted for another muscle-forward look. He chose to wear a grey t-shirt that hugs his torso tightly, showing off the curves of his upper body muscles. As for his hair, he appears to be wearing a messy brown, long wig under a trucker-style baseball cap. Of course, he finished the look off with a pair of aviators and impressive dance skills.

Throughout the whole TikTok, Uncle Dale seems to be having the time of his life, galloping around in white, no-show socks.

@thamillsfam Do you know the “Muffin Man”? #thamillsfam #thatsmyjam #cher #adamlambert #themuffinman #doyouknowthemuffinman #tiktok #fyp ♬ Thats My Jam Adam Lambert Sings The Muffin Man – FallonTonight

Fans go wild

Of course, OutDaughtered has a massive fanbase – enough so that there will be another season. Additionally, Uncle Dale’s family seems to have their own large fanbase themselves. Of course, all of their fans were sure to let the family know just how much they approved of the TikTok in his comment section.

“As much as I love the Busby family, your family rocks! your husband is such a hoot🤣 and the two of you have such a great personality,” one person writes.

Several others joined in agreeing with the sentiment.

  • “You guys are so much fun ❤️😂”
  • “For better or worse, JORTS ARE BACK!! 😅😂😂”

Do you follow Uncle Dale on Instagram? What do you think of his fun new video? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more on all of your favorite TLC stars.

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