Duggar Fans Shocked By Major Issues Spotted In TLC Contract

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Duggar fans are totally shocked by the major issues spotted in the TLC contracts for their shows, 19 Kids & Counting and Counting OnViewers finally got a good look at what the legal agreements entailed. And it turns out that not everything was as it should have been. What’s going on? Keep reading for all the surprising details.

Many secrets about the famous family are now coming to light, thanks to the Amazon Prime Video docuseries. Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets dropped on June 2. It features four episodes about the former TLC stars and their religious beliefs. They are a part of the IBLP (Institute in Basic Life Principles), which has many harmful practices, as shown in the series.

Duggar sisters - Joy-Anna Forsyth and Jinger Vuolo - Instagram
Duggar sisters – Joy-Anna Forsyth and Jinger Vuolo – Instagram

TLC Contracts Seen By Fans For First Time

In the series, Jill Dillard opened up about issues with filming births for TLC. She’s been vocal about not being paid for her time on the show. Now, we know more about the TLC agreements.

At one point in the docuseries, fans got a good look at the actual contract the Duggar family signed prior to filming with TLC. It’s dated May 18, 2012.

This brought awareness of a number of issues with this important legal agreement. Interestingly, there are a few problems with the names on the contract. Rather than “Joy-Anna Duggar,” it reads, “Joy Anna Duggar.” It also lists Johannah’s first, middle, and last names, despite not doing that for the rest of the names. Her name is also missing a letter. Jordyn’s name is missing entirely, despite her being born and participating in the show with her family.

The photo also shows that Michelle and Jim Bob were signing on behalf of their “minor children.” At the time, Jill was 21 years old and was still listed. Jessa was 19, and Jinger was 18. Below, you can see a photo of the signatures.

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets
Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets

Duggar Fans Shocked By Major Issues

On social media, fans are reposting the photos of the legal documents shown in the docuseries. On Facebook, 19 Scandals & Counting shared a snap and went into detail about all of the flaws. One fan questioned, “How is this a binding contract with this many errors/ommissions and not in legal name? Like seriously.”

Someone else added, “They left a kid out? Thats crazy.” 

Another unhappy fan commented, “How in the world did they forget a kid?!”

So, what do you think of this big reveal about the Duggar family’s TLC contracts? Does it surprise you that there were so many issues? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about Jim Bob and Michelle’s family.

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  1. Jim Bob and his wife didn’t care about any errors in the contract as long as they were getting paid, period. Such a disgrace and the way they raised their children was awful 😞

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