‘BIP’ Wells Adams Posts Hilarious Season 9 Filming Updates

Wells Adams BIP via Insta

One of the best parts of Bachelor in Paradise every year is Wells Adams and his hilarious personality. Filming just started for Season 9 this week and Wells is already giving fans funny comments. Keep reading to find out what he had to say on days one and two of filming.


BIP  Wells Adams shares hilarious videos

The best bartender in Mexico, Wells Adams, went to social media to share a few hilarious videos from filming. Wells shared the updates on Instagram and TikTok.

In the first video, Wells is drinking coffee and looking at the beach from his room. He said it’s day one of filming and soon Bachelor Nation faves will be oiled up on the beach. He joked they haven’t eaten a carb since the Reagan administration. Wells said, “Will there be love, yes. Will there be tears? Most definitely. Will there be crabs? Yes, the beach kind, not the other kind we have rigorous testing for that.”

He wrapped up jokingly saying to wish him luck and especially the contestant’s luck because his margaritas are horrible. Of course, “Almost Paradise” was playing in the background.


Happy day #1 of bachelorinparadise! Please wish your favorite @bachelornation members luck today! 🍹🏝️ #bip9

♬ Almost Paradise (feat. Ann Wilson) (Love Theme from “Footloose”) – Mike Reno

Day number two video is even funnier

The second update from Paradise was even funnier. Wells made another TikTok and captioned it, “Day #2 of #bachelorinparadise updates. Gen Z has taken over and apparently I’m old now. So thats fun.”

He went on to say the “Gen Zers” are using words that he doesn’t know. So, he is sharing a quick rundown of some of them with fans.

Wells said, “There’s a lot of talk about vibes — good vibes, bad vibes, the vibes are off, I don’t know. What?! Also, keys are being thrown out a bunch. There are high keys, there are low keys, and I low-key don’t know what the f**k you’re talking about.”

He didn’t stop there. Wells said, “Oh, yeah, flags are also a big thing. I’m talking about red flags, green flags, and beige flags. Beige flags are a flag that isn’t really a problem, apparently. It’s just like an idiosyncrasy of your character. I heard someone say yesterday that, ‘I’m confusion.’ Those were the exact words that came out of their mouth. ‘I’m confusion…’ What?!”

Wells as the bartender is perfect

Of course, the way Wells spills the tea is hilarious and has everyone laughing. He’s become a legend on the beach and most fans wouldn’t be happy if Wells ever left Bachelor in Paradise. In fact, many were upset he was not given hosting duties. However, Wells has previously said he just wants to be there and do whatever he can for the show.

Wells was never successful at finding love on the show. He found love organically and married the beautiful Sarah Hyland. The Modern Family actress is perfect for Wells as they are both always having fun and laughing.


Day #2 of #bachelorinparadise updates. Gen Z has taken over and apparently im old now. So thats fun.

♬ Good Vibes (Instrumental) – Ellen Once Again

So far, spoilers for the first week of filming have not been released. Who do you hope to see in Paradise this summer? What do you think of his hilarious updates from the beach?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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