‘RHOC’ Shannon Beador’s Ex Doubles Down On TRO

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RHOC star Shannon Beador’s ex is now doubling down on a temporary restraining order that was recently granted against him. Shannon knows firsthand the struggles of being with this person as they had a rock romance. It was filled with infidelity and lies. Yet, now it seems like his new life is crumbling before his very eyes. What exactly happened? Read on for more details.

RHOC Shannon Beador’s Ex Doubles Down On TRO

Yesterday, TV Shows Ace shared that Shannon Beador’s ex-husband, David Beador was in some hot water. His second wife, Lesley Beador had filed a restraining order against him. She wanted him to stay away from her and their two-year-old daughter, Anna, up to 100 yards. Lesley alleged that he had been violent toward her mother, was verbally horrid to her two children from a previous relationship, and it was too much to take. Additionally, she was seeking protection, not just for herself and Anna but also for her mother and other children.

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The judge granted Lesley Beador a TRO for herself and Anna until they all meet in court in September. Furthermore, David was supposed to give Lesley 40K after she vacated their home at the end of June. Yet, she claims that it has since become a toxic situation with his harassing her. More so, Lesley says David has cut her off financially. Now, this has completely flipped and Shannon Beador’s ex-husband is fighting back. According to People, David Beador has filed his own restraining order. Per Beador, he feels that his estranged wife is just dissatisfied with their agreement. Therefore, she is lashing out.

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Additionally, David Beador shares that Lesley isn’t “abiding by the terms of the agreement” so he is seeking a protection order as a last resort. David also opened up about their fighting and added they engage in: “intense and heated arguments, and that these last few months of constantly separating then reconciling have done damage to both of us, however, I now genuinely fear for my safety, and that of Anna’s to the point that I have no choice but to bring this request.”

Violence & More

David Beador, who shares three daughters with Shannon Beador, also pointed out that his arguments with Lesley have become physical. Supposedly, she slapped him in front of their daughter and one of her older children. The two had first started filing for divorce in September 2022. However, they would both dismiss it and then they finally decided to file again this year and it has been combative all of the way. No word on whether David’s request will be accepted or rejected. Interestingly enough, Shannon and David Beador just ran into each other around a week ago and even posed for a selfie.

Are you surprised that David doubled down on the TRO? Let us know and catch Shannon Beador Wednesdays on RHOC.



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