’90 Day Fiance U.K.’ What To Expect From Season 2

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90 Day Fiance U.K. is back for Season 2 yet what can fans expect this time around? There are supposed to be some familiar faces as well as new ones in the bunch. So, when will the show return, and who is part of the cast? More so, does it look promising for any of these duos? Read on for more details.

90 Day Fiance U.K. What To Expect From Season 2

A year ago to the day, details from Season 1 of 90 Day Fiance U.K. were shared. It’s the same concept as the regular 90 Day except one partner is from the United Kingdom. So, the other person in the relationship will travel from their country across the pond to see if there is a love connection. Now, it has been renewed for Season 2 but who is returning? According to In Touch Weekly, only one couple is back and that is Kadie and Alejandro. She is from West Yorkshire while he is from Mexico. They have been together since 2021, having met via an International dating site.

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How will their love progress this time around now that they are planning to wed? Hopefully, it is not a Love In Paradise Carlos and VaLentine situation. Mert is from Turkey and that is where the relationship with Shane began. However, Shane lives in Devon so the visa application process has to go through so they can try to live happily ever after. Mercy is from Kenya while Michael is from Essex, with a similar story as Kadie and Alejandro. They have been together since 2021 also met on a dating app, now planning to wed. Yet, this may be a struggle as Michael’s family is not too sure about Mercy.

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Jose is a Colombian rapper while Louise is from Gloucester. Together, they dream of building a family but Louise’s family is skeptical of Jose much like Michael’s is of Mercy. A lot of hesitation which is actually good because the cast always needs someone who is level-headed. Robert and Assel have been together since 2021 but the latter, from Kazakhstan, has one problem. She cannot say she loves her beau. Will that be a dealbreaker?

A Few More To Round It Out

There are still a few more 90 Day Fiance U.K. couples still to be introduced. David comes from the Dominican Republic yet his mate, Tionne (Derby) has quite lavish taste. She is eager to get engaged to David. However, he is worried that he won’t be able to afford what she wants. Will this cause a rift between the two of them and cause the relationship to fail? Remember Emily bought her own ring because she didn’t think Kobe could afford the ring she wanted.

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Finally, Rebekah and her Argentinian love, Cristian are getting married so what could possibly go wrong? Now, when can viewers meet and greet this new cast? The new season will premiere on Discovery+ July 16th. Hopefully, they will release all of the episodes as with last time so it will make a great summer binge. Will you be watching?

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