‘Sister Wives’ Maddie Brush Goes Extra Mile For Little Sister

Maddie Brush from Sister Wives, TLC

Maddie Brush may live in North Carolina now, but she’ll always go the extra mile for her siblings when they need her.

Since Sister Wives first premiered, Maddie has always been a positive figure in her younger siblings’ lives. She and her husband Caleb even agreed to let Ysabel live with them while she attended college.

Now, Maddie is stepping up to help one of her other sisters. What’s going on with the Brown sisters?

Maddie Brush opens her home to a sister for the summer

Caleb and Maddie Brush may have three kids at home now, but there’s always room in their house for family.

Caleb Brush and Maddie Brush from Instagram Sister Wives, TLC
Maddie Brush/Instagram

Savanah Brown just graduated from high school and is going to spend the summer in North Carolina with the Brushes. And the sisters wasted no time at all diving into a fun bonding activity.

“Maddie actually bought a special puzzle board and a new puzzle because Savanah was coming to stay for the summer,” Janelle shared on Instagram, featuring a photo of her daughters working on the puzzle. “I love to join in as well. It’s fun to have built in puzzle ‘doers’ in the family 🧩😀”

And overall, fans loved how Maddie makes the effort to spend time with her younger siblings. There is roughly a nine-year age gap between Maddie and Savanah, but that doesn’t stop them from bonding.

Savanah Brown and Maddie Brown from Janelle Brown's Instagram Sister Wives, TLC
Janelle Brown/Instagram

I love how open and welcoming to all her siblings she is. It’s really cool that she not only makes time but space for them in her home,” one fan wrote in the comments. “Her husband must also be an angel to welcome inlaws to stay for long periods of time. It’s really cool.”

Maddie seems to be such an amazing big sister❤️” another added.

Are the Browns creating a new family tradition?

Onscreen, Maddie and Savanah never spent much time together. But now that the Brown sisters are both adults, it seems like they’re taking some time to strengthen their bond.

On the Instagram post, a few users thought it was cute that staying with Maddie seemed to be a right of passage for the younger Brown siblings now. Ysabel lived with the Brushes for a time when she was about Savanah’s age.

Truely Brown is just 13 years old, so it will be some time before she graduates. But in a few years’ time, fans may get to learn more about another fun summer adventure.

What do you think about Maddie Brush’s bond with her younger siblings? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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