JoJo Fletcher, Jordan Rodgers Talk Love & ‘The Big D’

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JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers are one of the most beloved couples in Bachelor Nation. They found love on reality television while JoJo was The Bachelorette. Now, they are trying to help others find love on The Big D. Keep reading to find out more about what JoJo and Jordan have to say about their marriage and the new show they are hosting.

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers talk about their relationship and why they support The Big D

Bachelorette JoJo Jordan and Jordan Rodgers talk about their relationship. US Weekly shared what JoJo and Jordan had to say about their own relationship and why they support The Big D. The couple shared how hosting this new show for divorcees even helped their own marriage.

There were different things brought up that they hadn’t thought about. So, they discussed various things about their own relationship in mini therapy session with the show’s relationship expert, Dr. Jada Jackson. Both JoJo and Jordan feel this process has really made them grow even more as a couple. Plus, they love being on screen together.

JoJo and Jordan are the first to admit that their first year together was challenging. However, they stuck it out and they worked through their issues. Now they feel like they can get through anything. But, some couples don’t make it. Hosting The Big D is a chance for people to get a second chance at love.

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There are a lot of different dating shows but one with divorce and dealing with an ex has not really been touched on. Jordan said, “It feels like you failed. We haven’t been there, but we’ve been around couples on the show [and] off the show [that have]. … We wanna paint the picture that it’s the start of something new. And you can find love after divorce. You can find healthy relationships with your ex, move on and turn the page and go into that next chapter of your life with hope that you can fall in love.”

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What is The Big D?

The Big D allows couples who have been divorced for various amounts of time to try and find love again. The contestants will participate in relationship “EX-ercises” to help them make new connections while also finding peace with their former spouse. Plus, unfortunately, there will be weekly eliminations of a person who is deemed to be not relationship material.

JoJo and Jordan know that finding love on reality television can work. Jordan also knows it’s hard to watch someone you care about dating other people. He lived through that when JoJo was The Bachelorette and dating 25 men at the same time.

Jordan’s advice to contestants is to “focus on the good, focus on the internal growth and focus on that one relationship that you wanna pursue — kind of put some blinders on — It can work. It’s not easy, but it can work.”

The stories behind the cast are interesting and when one person may come in and think they will never get over their ex, they realize that maybe they can. Are you ready to watch their stories unfold?

Hosts JoJo and Jordan just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary.

The Big D premieres on USA Network Wednesday, June 14, at 10 p.m. ET.

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