Abigail Heringer Educates Fans On ‘Deaf Accent’

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Fans love Bachelor in Paradise alum Abigail Heringer. She is the first person to appear in the franchise who is deaf. Abigail is very open about her hearing issues and shares a lot with fans curious about how her Cochlear implants work. Now, she’s educating followers on why there is a “deaf accent” and even sometimes voice changes when she speaks. Keep reading to find out more about what Abigail shared.

Abigail Heringer educates fans on ‘deaf accent’

Bachelor Nation shared what Abigail Heringer had to say about the deaf accent that she has. Fans are often curious about Abigail’s hearing issues and she is very open to talking about it. She is starting a weekly video series about her hearing disability called “Hear Me Out.” This time she educated followers on her deaf accent.

Abigail said, “A lot of deaf people have what’s called a deaf accent. Some people notice it when I have my processor on, but it’s definitely more noticeable when my processor is off. I actually have to take my processor off to curl this side of my hair, so I’ll show you guys what I mean.”

Then she told fans why her voice may even sound different when she has her processor off. She said, “The reason that my voice sounds different or my deaf accent comes out more when my processor is off is due to something called the auditory feedback loop. It happens when you speak and you’re able to listen to yourself and then make any corrections if something sounds wrong.”

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She explained that when her processor is not on she can’t listen and make the corrections she needs to. Abigail continued saying, “I feel like my deaf accent sounds like words being slurred at the end and my voice gets a little bit deeper and I talk a little bit louder than I normally do.”

She went on to share that when she has the processor on it just makes her deaf accent a little less noticeable. However, she did admit some people do not notice anything is different. Those close to her can usually tell the difference.


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Noah Erb is very supportive

Her boyfriend Noah Erb whom Abigail met on Bachelor in Paradise is very supportive of her. When asked if he notices when her processor is not on he said sometimes but said both are hot. These two are perfect and fans can’t wait to see where their future leads them together.

Many fans commented and thanked Abigail for sharing her story. They also thanked her for keeping them educated on some of the aspects of hearing loss. Others simply told her how much they adore her.

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Did you know this about having Cochlear implants?

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