‘The Bachelor’ DeAnna Pappas’ Child Custody Includes No Booze

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In January of this year, DeAnna Pappas and Stephen Stagliano announced they were divorcing after eleven years of marriage. They shared the news with fans on social media. Their divorce appeared to be getting ugly as both wanted primary custody of the children. Now, it’s being reported that their custody battle has been settled and some of the key points may be surprising. Keep reading to find out more.

Deanna Pappas and Stephen Stagliano settle custody battle

When Deanna Pappas and Stephen Stagliano announced their divorce, it didn’t take long for her to officially file the paperwork. When she initially filed, she wanted primary custody of their two children. Stephen disagreed with this and was willing to fight for his children. DeAnna also wanted the courts to award her monthly spousal support and not allow Stephen to collect any.

Now that several months have passed, the courts have ruled on their custody agreement. Radar Online shared the details of their custody agreement. The courts have declared that DeAnna and Stephen will have joint custody of the children, Addison and Austin. In the agreement, they both agreed to not consume narcotics or restricted dangerous drugs within 12 hours before or during periods of time with the kids.

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They also both agreed to the following which stated that “neither party shall drink alcohol in excess of the legal limit during their custody periods, or have a child and/or children in their custody and control when being intoxicated. Neither party shall operate or attempt to operate a motor vehicle with the children in the car if they have consumed alcohol in excess of the legal limit.”

It was also noted that both parents are not allowed to speak badly of the other in front of their children.

As far as spousal support and child support, the courts have not ruled on that outcome yet.

Deanna Papa and Stephen Stagliano via youtube

Their divorce announcement

DeAnna and Stephen met through The Bachelorette. Stephen’s brother was actually on the show in the season following hers. Once she met Stephen they fell in love and married in 2011. They seemed very happy together.

Eleven years later they announced their divorce. The social media post said that they were sad but decided to end their relationship as a couple. They also shared that they would continue to raise their children together with love and faith.

DeAnna and Stephen thanked everyone for their support and asked for privacy to deal with their separation.

What do you think about DeAnna and Stephen’s custody agreement? Do you know someone who has had these same provisions included in the court documents?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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