Reality Steve Confirms Brandon Jones, Serene Russell Timeline

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Reality Steve shared a video with the world on Wednesday that showed Brandon Jones at a club in Austin. The video was somewhat incriminating in that Brandon was with a woman who was definitely not Serene. Today, Steve went to his daily podcast to share and confirm the timeline of Brandon and Serene’s split. Keep reading to find out more about this crazy story that’s emerged.

Reality Steve confirms Brandon Jones and Serene Russell’s timeline

Reality Steve went to his daily podcast to confirm the timeline of Bradon Jones and Serene Russell’s breakup. Yesterday he shared the video that had been circulating around which showed Brandon at a club in Austin, Texas. He was with another woman and also a fellow Bachelorette alum from Michelle Young’s season.

The video was filmed on May 5. Brandon tried to throw fans off about his location as he posted a photo of him throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game. That photo was actually taken on May 3.

The other clarification that Steve made on Thursday is that Brandon and Serene were still very much engaged and a couple on May 5. Three days later on May 8, Brandon and Serene shared their breakup announcement with the world.

Serene has not posted anything since that day. So, it’s easy to see that according to Steve, their split has everything to do with that video captured in Austin. Obviously, Serene was made aware of the video and has seen it.

At this point, Brandon has not commented on the video or the cheating allegations made against him. However, Reality Steve said he did extensive research before reporting the story. He reached out to Serene for comment but she didn’t respond. The video is below in case you missed it.

Do you think Brandon legit cheated on Serene and this caused their engagement to crumble?

Their breakup announcement

When Brandon and Serene announced their breakup on May 8 they shared a joint statement on Instagram. They shared multiple photos and videos and said, “After many months, today we have ultimately decided to end our engagement. We have tried to work privately on our relationship which has been incredibly challenging in the public eye. This has been immensely hard to accept and painful, as there is a lot of love between the two of us. We are deeply hurting and can only ask that there be no hate. The best path for us at this time is to try and move forward and heal from this as individuals.”

As of today, they both still follow each other on Instagram.

What are your thoughts on Brandon being at a club with another woman?

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