Matt Rife: The Taylor Swift Of Comedy?

Matt Rife and Taylor Swift - YouTube

Fans of singing sensation Taylor Swift were having a serious case of de ja vu as they sat in the queue recently for tickets to Matt Rife’s comedy tour.  Across all social media platforms (especially TikTok) his fans were pretty quick to open up about going to war to get tickets to his show. Disappointingly enough, many of his fans report waiting in queue for a significant period of time only to get kicked out or be informed the tickets were sold out.

Matt Rife: The Taylor Swift Of Comedy?

In the comments of videos and posts about trying to score tickets to his show, many of his followers admit it feels like trying to buy tickets to Taylor Swift’s tour all over again. While Matt does take pride in selling his tickets directly from his website at reasonable prices, he was unable to stop resellers from joining the queue and grabbing some tickets to hike up the price.

Becoming aware of what happens, a video of Matt Rife getting real with his fans is making rounds on TikTok. The 27-year-old comedian from Ohio tells his fans he would never sell tickets to his show for unreasonably high prices. He explained that his tickets usually cap out at $100 and that’s for the best seats in the house at the nicer venues.

The young comedian is aware of resellers and he’s encouraging his fans NOT to buy his tickets from a reseller. He explains he would rather the seats be empty and the reseller suffers a loss over being the reason one of his fans comes up short on their rent just to see his show.

He promoted his tour with Ashton Kutcher

Shockingly, Matt Rife managed to snag Ashton Kutcher for a collaboration to promote his comedy tour. The hilarious skit is making rounds on social media with Ashton being a genie Matt rubs out of a lamp. The genie, however, explains he is not actually Ashton. He just made a wish once upon a time that he wanted to look identical to him.

Fans of Matt Rife absolutely loved this little promotional skit and thought it was incredible that he managed to get Ashton Kutcher to collaborate with him to promote his tour.

Did you try to score tickets to Matt Rife’s comedy show? Were you successful in scoring some? Let us know if you understand why he’s being likened to Taylor Swift in the comments down below.

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