Lifetime Movie Features ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Ariana Madix

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Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix is acting in an upcoming Ripped From The Headlines movie called Buying Back My Daughter.

Lifetime has now released some of the photos from this upcoming movie, as well as a synopsis. What do we know about Ariana Madix’s role? Fans of the Bravo series may be very surprised to see how different she looks in this movie in comparison to her normal glamorous life. Moreover, she is playing a gritty and tough role.

Ready to see the photos and learn more about her upcoming role?

Ariana Madix - Instagram
Ariana Madix – Instagram

Ariana Madix Is Starring In New Ripped From The Headlines Movie

Fresh off of the latest shocking Scandoval news, Lifetime has just shared some photos from the upcoming Ripped From The Headlines movie called Buying Back My Daughter.

Ariana Madix stars in this movie, portraying a gritty police officer. She is helping parents portrayed by Meagan Good, and Roger Cross. In addition, Faith Wright also stars in this movie.

Most importantly, this is a movie that is based on a true story. This means a lot of suspense and drama. Also, because this is based on real-life, you are going to feel a lot of emotions. Every character in this movie has an emotional connection to this case.

Are you ready to learn more about Buying Back My Daughter?

What Is Lifetime’s Buying Back My Daughter About?

What do we know about this Ripped From The Headlines movie? According to Deadline, Buying Back My Daughter tells the story of Alicia (Wright) who goes to a party without her parent’s permission. Originally thinking it was “teenage rebellion,” this soon becomes a major search party. This is led by Alicia’s parents Dana (Good), and Curtis (Cross).

In addition, a police officer, Karen (Madix) helps Dana and Curtis investigate what happened to their daughter. Moreover, Karen has her own “personal connection” to this story.

This search lasts nearly a year, when Dana learns about escort ads. Many runaways and abducted children end up listed online and available for unspeakable horrors. Searching one online site, Dana finds Alicia. There is nothing more shocking to a mother than to find this ad. Alicia is up for sale.

Now, Dana and Curtis are determined to “buy their daughter back.” Can they get their daughter from the monster who has trafficked their daughter?

When Will Lifetime Premiere Ariana Madix’s New Ripped From The Headlines Movie?

Lifetime will premiere Buying Back My Daughter sometime in the early fall. In addition, a preview video should be forthcoming. Fans of Ariana Madix will get to see more of her acting in this gritty role.

Vanderpump Rules fans, will you be watching Ariana Madix in her upcoming Lifetime movie?


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