Comedian Matt Rife Has A TV Series Most People Don’t Know About

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Did you know Matt Rife has a short TV series? Turns out, this is a well-kept secret that many fans of the comedian just don’t know about.

Who Is Matt Rife, Anyway?

Social media users are hard-pressed not to run into a video or post about 27-year-old comedian Matt Rife right now. He’s everywhere. It was about 48 hours ago that the promotion for his ProbleMATTic World Tour Promo dropped on various social media platforms. Presale for his Comedy World Tour followed shortly after and chaos ensued. Matt Rife was quickly likened to Taylor Swift as his fans found themselves fighting for reasonably priced tickets.

He Has A TV Series Fans Don’t Know About

Turns out, this 27-year-old comedian has also dabbled in a bit of acting. He actually has one season of a TV series that came out a few years ago — and most of his fans know nothing about it. A few lucky Matt Rife fans have managed to catch a few short clips of the series via TikTok or Instagram Reels. But, seeing these clips leaves them wanting to watch the series as a whole.

What is this TV series called and how can fans of Matt Rife check it out if they are interested in watching it?

Turns out, Matt Rife was the co-star of a brief series called Burp Patrol. The series dropped its first episode in March 2021. This elusive series is just one season long. Unfortunately, the episodes are also extremely short running approximately 9 to 11 minutes in length. Fortunately, however, it is pretty easy to find the TV series and even easier to binge right through it if you like a comedy.

Here is the official synopsis of the series:

Following the workplace adventures of an uncompromising, by-the-book security guard, and his partner, an unmotivated slacker, as the duo keep the members of a gated suburban community safe against a slew of first-world problems.

How Can You Stream Burp Patrol?

Fortunately, Matt Rife’s TV series is pretty easy to stream. All episodes of Burp Patrol can be found in the Amazon Prime Video streaming library. Moreover, those without a Prime membership can also find the episodes on YouTube as well.

Some of Matt Rife’s fans speculate this series was created before he landed in the spotlight and exploded on TikTok. So, it is possible he doesn’t really promote the series out of embarrassment. Some fans note it wasn’t exactly his finest work as it was before his career really took off as a comedian.

Did you know Matt Rife had a TV series you could stream via Amazon or YouTube? Are you going to check out Burp Patrol? Let us know what you think in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TV news.

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