’90 Day Fiance’ Anna Campisi Facing Life Or Death, Asks For Prayers

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90 Day Fiance star Anna Campisi is currently facing life or death. Therefore, the mother of four is asking for all of the prayers that she can get. What exactly is going on with her and is there a chance that she will be okay? Read on for more details on this devastatingly scary situation.

90 Day Fiance Anna Campisi Facing Life Or Death, Asks For Prayers

This should be a beautiful time in Anna Campisi’s life. In April, she underwent gastric bypass surgery in Turkey. That was going to dramatically change and improve her life. Additionally, the April prior, she and her husband, Mursel Mustanoglu welcomed their first child together. Though she already had kids of her own, it was magical for the couple to have their own baby. Luckily, they were able to get a surrogate but, due to the war in Ukraine, actually gathering the baby boy and bringing him home was quite a challenge. Anna actually had to go get him herself but, in the end, their family was complete.

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So, her baby is now one and she has a new figure to go along with this milestone, Anna Campisi should be celebrating. Instead, she has found herself hospitalized. The 90 Day Fiance star took to Instagram to share what is going on along with a photo of her in a hospital gown and wires attached. “After 1/2 day of severe abdominal pain. I decided to head to the ER yesterday morning. I received news I wasn’t expecting….I’ve got a blood clot. So now I’m on a heparin drip and being monitored,” she started.

She went on to add: “So far they don’t want to preform surgery…I’m at risk for blood clots, due to a factor 5 gene mutation. I learned this in January of 2020. Im still in a lot of pain. Im just so glad I got checked out! My family needs me.” Fans immediately chimed in. “I am sending you my clean energy. get well easily 🙌,” one wrote. Another added: “Feel better soon!”

The Love Of Cast Mates

In this scary time, Anna Campisi was all gifted the love of her 90 Day Fiance cast mates. David Toborowsky, Michael Jessen, and Laura from Season 1 of The Other Way sent their well-wishes. Other followers shared stories of similar situations that they had been in. Plus, they noted that her husband would be there to take care of her. However, this is undoubtedly scary as she and Mursel have their little family and their own little business to run.

Please keep Anna Campisi and her family in your thoughts during this very difficult time.

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