Jenelle Evans Puts Too Much Faith In Undersized Bikini Top

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Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans put a little too much faith in an itsy-bitsy bikini top. Sadly, it may not have worked out in her favor. Evans is no stranger to donning small bathing suits, especially when she is on the lake or by her pool. Yet, this time it was a little bit different. What exactly happened? Read on for more details.

Jenelle Evans Puts Too Much Faith In Undersized Bikini Top

It is no secret that Jenelle Evans loves bikinis and all kinds of bathing suits. She often shows off her suit hauls on social media and tries them on for fans. The best part about her is that she is extremely comfortable in her body so she wears whatever she feels best in. That is what her followers tend to admire about her- that they can feel a sense of body positivity because she inspires them. Unfortunately, not everything always works the way that people hope it will and that may have been the case with Jenelle’s recent bikini top incident.

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According to The Sun, Jenelle Evans had a new TikTok that she uploaded over the weekend. In it, she can be seen wearing a multicolored triangle two-way bikini top. This means that it can be worn in two different ways. Along with it, she had a matching knee-length skirt. However, it appeared that her chest was struggling to stay inside the top. Jenelle, of course, ended up deleting the TikTok but a Reddit thread was started to address the outfit. The OP wanted to know if Jenelle was serious with her ensemble and shared a screenshot.

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“How does this fit her? It’s way too tight. And her boobs don’t even fit in the top,” one fan asked. Another added: “This bikini looks backwards. Like the parts in the middle of her boobs should be on the bottom? Or am I wrong?” Many compared it to an afghan or something that a grandmother would knit. More so, they found it unflattering and was the wrong angle for showing off her figure.

It Mattered

Usually, Jenelle Evans does not care about angles or how things fit. She will keep any and everything posted because she is true to herself. However, this time, she seemed to find something very off with the video and decided to take it down. Whether or not it was the way that the top barely fit or how fans criticized the style, something did not sit right with Jenelle. Hopefully, she will keep posting body-positive content in the future.

What did you think of Jenelle Evans’ ensemble? Was her top holding on for dear life? Let us know in the comments below.

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