Reality Steve Confirms Big Names Filming ‘BIP’ Season 9

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It’s time for Bachelor in Paradise and Reality Steve just confirmed some big names who are in Mexico ready to film. Rumors have been flying about who will be on the beach this summer. Now, as filming gets underway, the names of some of the cast are actually being confirmed. Keep reading to find out who Steve says is in Paradise. 

Reality Steve confirms big names in Paradise

After tons of speculation, who is really filming BIP? Reality Steve went to his daily podcast to share what he knows. First of all, Jesse Palmer and Wells Adams both confirmed they are in Mexico ready to film Season 9 of Bachelor in Paradise. They shared photos of getting ready to travel and then one of them together at a resort in Mexico.

Now, it’s been confirmed that filming will begin on Tuesday. So, who is Steve saying is confirmed to be on the beach? Two big names that are there are Rachel Recchia and Blake Moynes. It was rumored that Pilot Peter Weber would be there. Steve confirmed he is not going on Season 9. Other big names not appearing this season are Gabby Windey and Gabi Elnicki.

Wells Adams and Jesse Palmer via Insta

Who else will be looking for love on BIP? Reality Steve also confirmed fan favorite Aven Jones from Rachel Recchia’s season will be there. Nate Mitchell is also set to be in Mexico. There are other notable names that fans will be excited to see as well. One of them is Tyler Norris. A few men from Charity Lawson’s season of The Bachelorette are there too. They include Sean and Tanner and possibly Brayden.

Rachel Recchia snaps a close-up selfie at the beach.

What other women will be there?

Along with Rachel Recchia, Mercedes Northrup, Kat Izzo, Jess Girod and Kat Carter are all said to be there by Reality Steve. Last season there were 44 contestants who entered Paradise. 

Right now, Steve is not sure how many will appear in Season 9. No doubt it will be quite a few and so there are still many names that are not confirmed just yet.

Jess Girod, Instagram

It’s also not known if production will do the casa amor twist again as they did in Season 8.

Right now it’s not been confirmed if Ariel Frenkel will appear on the show or not.

Who do you hope to see on Bachelor in Paradise Season 9? Are there any couples you want to see formed on the beach this summer? Stay tuned for more updates and spoilers! BIP Season 9 will air this fall on Tuesday nights on ABC.



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