‘General Hospital’ Drunk & High Haley Pullos Gets Sued By Victim

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General Hospital star Haley Pullos has been hit with a lawsuit following her DUI car crash and hit-and-run last month.

She was in two car crashes last month

It was about a month ago when Haley Pullos of General Hospital was arrested for being involved in a DUI car accident. As Tv Shows Ace reported it was later learned that she assaulted a firefighter as well as hospital staff following the car accident. Moreover, it was also learned that she was in a previous car accident that night. The soap star reportedly crashed into someone and fled the scene before crashing into a second individual. The second accident, however, was more severe and she was unable to flee a second time.

General Hospital fans knew Haley Pullos was taking some time away from the soap after getting in a car accident. Fans, however, didn’t know the details of the accident that occurred on April 29th. It wasn’t until a few weeks later (on May 17th) that news of her first accident.

A day later, after news of her DUI arrest following the accident broke, Haley was spotted with her father driving her to a lavish rehab in Malibu after grabbing a quick bite to eat at Taco Bell.

On May 19th, two days after news of the original crash broke, another story surfaced claiming she had also been linked to a hit-and-run that was believed to have occurred shortly before the accident that led to her DUI arrest.

General Hospital Drunk & High Haley Pullos Gets Sued By Victim

According to TMZ, the male driver (Courtney Wilder) who Haley slammed into while she was both drunk and high has hit her with a lawsuit. In the lawsuit, Courtney claims Haley Pullos is to blame for sending him to the hospital because of her careless choices.

In the legal document, Wilder explains he did not have time to react as Haley came plowing toward him while driving the wrong way on the freeway. Courtney ended up colliding head-on with the actress and was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Also in the documents, Courtney notes that the General Hospital star should have NEVER been behind the wheel to crash into him in the first place. Between being intoxicated and the fact that she just got into a car accident, Wilder believes she is exclusively to blame for his accident and she should pay the price for it.

Per his court documents, the crash caused long-term damage to both his car and his body. And, he has filed a lawsuit against the actress for damages.

TMZ did reach out to a representative of Haley Pullos for a statement on the lawsuit, her representative did not respond.

Are you surprised the soap star was hit with a lawsuit?

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