Meri Brown DONE Shrinking, Won’t Live In Kody’s Cage

Meri Brown from Instagram Sister Wives, TLC

Sister Wives star Meri Brown refuses to shrink in order to make others comfortable — and she doesn’t want to be under Kody Brown‘s thumb any longer.

Although the pair are no longer together, many Sister Wives fans speculated that Meri was hoping he would take her back. After the catfishing scandal, Meri spent several seasons groveling to Kody and trying to get back in his good graces.

Now, it seems like she’s finally learned to cut her losses and move on. See what she had to say in a recent social media update.

Meri Brown is determined to break out of her ex’s cage

Meri Brown is pretty well-known for her vague social media posts. But a recent one seemed a little more direct.

Meri Brown from Instagram Sister Wives, TLC
Meri Brown/Instagram

In a recent Instagram post, Meri said she was listening to some podcasts. In one, she came across one that featured an interesting Nipsey Hussle quote.

“It was something to the effect of if you look at the people that are in your circle and you’re not getting inspired, then are you really in a circle? Or are you in a cage?” the TLC star shared in the video. After hearing the quote, Meri couldn’t help but reflect on her own life and wonder if she had indeed been living in a cage.

“I definitely have had times in my life where when I’m thinking about the things that I want to do, I’m not feeling, like, expansive,” the 52-year-old went on to say. “I feel like I need to shrink to be able to fit into a certain circumstance or situation.”


When I look back at some circumstances in my life, I realize all experiences brought me to where I am. I don’t regret time I put into relationships and situations because I know I put in every ounce of effort. When I look forward to the things that await me, I’m coming at them with experience that I wouldn’t have had without situations of the past. #WorthyUp #GreatnessBeginsToday

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Thanks for sharing that. By the way, you look like you’re 20 years younger than about 6 months ago,” one Instagram follower wrote, noting that splitting with Kody has done wonders for Meri. 

Mary I pray this means you are opening your heart to finding a real life partner. You sure deserve it!! ❤️” another added.

Is the TLC star finally putting the past behind her?

Without a doubt, Meri Brown has faced many hardships and personal struggles during her marriage to Kody. And Sister Wives viewers couldn’t be happier that she seems to finally be moving on with her life.

Throughout the course of the series, Meri seemed to struggle to find her own sense of identity apart from Kody. But now, she has several things to focus on. She has her LuLaRoe business, her bed and breakfast in Utah, and even recently traveled to England by herself.

Breakups are never easy, but Meri Brown seems like she’s on a much healthier path than she was a year ago.

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