Lifetime’s ‘V.C. Andrews’ Dawn-Part 2: Secrets Of The Morning’

Fran Drescher, Dawn- used with Lifetime's permission

Lifetime is back with another July V.C. Andrews mini-series. This time the Dawn Cutler series of novels have been adapted into a four-movie series. The second movie is called V.C. Andrews’ Dawn-Part 2: Secrets Of The Morning. This movie comes after the first movie, V.C. Andrews’ Dawn-Part 1: Dawn.

Viewers love the modern-Gothic stories of wicked grandmothers, complicated family trees, and wealthy families with deep dark secrets. More so, the Dawn Cutler series is a fan-favorite book series and it promises to be even better on screen.

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What Is V.C. Andrews’ Dawn-Part 2: Secrets Of The Morning About?

What do we know about the upcoming Lifetime movie V.C. Andrews’ Dawn-Part 2-Secrets Of The Morning? According to The Futon Critic, Dawn learns about her past, when she was a little girl. She is shocked at the cruelty in her family.

After suffering at the hands of her cruel grandmother, she finds a way to get out from under her control. Finally, Dawn heads to New York City. She is going after her dream of attending a prestigious performing arts school.

In New York City, she stays at a boarding house. This housing is run by Agnes Morris. Agnes is an actress herself, though she has not fulfilled her own Broadway dreams.

Although her work at school occupies Dawn’s time, she is still thinking of Jimmy. However, things start to change when she meets Michael Sutton. He is gorgeous, talented, and a big Broadway star. It is no surprise that Dawn falls head over heels for this charismatic older man.

Just as things get hot and heavy, Jimmy disappears. He is nowhere to be found. However, it doesn’t take Dawn long to figure out what happened. Her despicable grandmother is back. More so, she is in control again and determined to control Dawn’s life.

Joey McIntyre, Dawn, used with Lifetime's permission
Joey McIntyre, Dawn, used with Lifetime’s permission

Who Is Starring In This Lifetime Mini-Series?

In this second Lifetime movie of the four-part V.C. Andrews’ Dawn series, Brec Bassinger, Donna Mills, Franc Drescher, and Joey McIntire are the leads.

When Can You Watch Lifetime’s Secrets In The Morning?

The premiere of V.C. Andrews’ Dawn-Part 2: Secrets In The Morning is on Saturday, July 15, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on the Lifetime Channel. In addition, this movie will be available to stream through the app or the website starting on Sunday, July 16.

Lifetime Has Opened Up V.C. Andrews Vault

On June 1, Lifetime opened the V.C. Andrews vault of 18 movies and series available on the app and on demand. This library contains such movies as Ruby, Pearl In The Mist, All That Glitters, and Hidden Jewel. In addition, the full Flowers In The Attic series is available to watch now.

Lifetime fans, are you looking forward to the Dawn Cutler series?


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