Joy Forsyth Documents Struggles With Newborn Son Gunner

Joy Forsyth - Instagram

Joy Forsyth and her husband Austin welcomed their newborn son, Gunner, into the world on May 17th. Unlike many of her siblings, she has NOT taken the same approach to keeping her children out of the spotlight and off social media. In fact, she’s been very generous with sharing photos and videos of her newborn son over just the few weeks since he first entered the world.

Despite being all smiles as she shares sweet photos and videos of her new little guy (as well as his big brother and sister), Joy Forsyth has been having a pretty rough time with her newborn. Unfortunately, fans have noticed her eyes also aren’t as happy as the rest of her appears to be.

Moreover, there has also been some concern from fans that something is wrong with Gunner after getting a good look at him in some photos. What is it that Joy is struggling with exactly? And, what troubling thing did fans notice? Keep reading for the details.

Joy-Anna Forsyth YouTube - Instagram
Joy-Anna Forsyth YouTube – Instagram

Joy Forsyth Documents Struggles With Newborn Son Gunner

With deep bags, Joy Forsyth admits to her Instagram followers she has her newborn son Gunner to thank for her “tired eyes.” The former TLC star has also opened up about the fact that the newborn seems to be having a lot of struggles with sleeping through the night. Being just a few weeks old, however, it is extremely normal for him to wake every few hours to feed. Likewise, many Duggar fans on Reddit aren’t too sympathetic to her complaints of being tired and lacking sleep as she has other children and should know what to expect.

Joy Forsyth - Gunner - Instagram
Joy Forsyth – Gunner – Instagram

Fans Do Worry About Him Though

While fans aren’t sympathetic with reality TV stars (especially Duggars) complaining about being tired, there are some expressing concern for little Gunner. In some of his photos, fans noticed he was looking a bit jaundiced and they wondered if this was something Joy had brought to the attention of his pediatrician yet.

Unfortunately, Duggars don’t exactly have the best track record with going to the doctor and getting proper medical treatment, so fans are extra worried this potential problem isn’t being handled.

Joy Forsyth - YouTube
Joy Forsyth – YouTube

More supportive fans encourage others to tread lightly on pestering Joy with parenting advice as she could make the decision to pull back on sharing her son the way some of her siblings have chosen to do with their children.

Do you feel for Joy Forsyth struggling to get sleep because of her son? Or, do you think this is something she should be used to by now? Let us know what you are thinking in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Counting On news.


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