Jeremy Vuolo Sends Felicity Flying: See Sweet Photos

Jeremy Vuolo - Instagram

Scrolling through their social media platforms, fans realize sharing their children is something Jeremy Vuolo and his wife Jinger Duggar don’t really do anymore. In fact, when the former TLC stars share photos or videos of their children, they are always careful not to include their faces. So, Duggar fans really enjoyed it when Jinger’s husband shared a rare and sweet photo of Jeremy Vuolo tossing their daughter Felicity into the air. Interested in seeing this sweet and rare photo? Keep scrolling down to check it out.

Jeremy Vuolo Tosses Felicity In Air In Rare, Sweet Photo

On Friday, Jeremy Vuolo treated his Instagram followers to several snaps of himself and his daughter Felicity spending some time together. They were out and about enjoying Los Angeles when the photos were snapped.

Jeremy & Jinger Vuolo - YouTube
Jeremy & Jinger Vuolo – YouTube

“Time to fly,” Jeremy captioned one of the photos as he hoisted his beautiful daughter Felicity up in the air and proceeded to swing her around while they were walking down the Los Angeles sidewalk.

His Instagram post featured three photos. The first of Felicity bending her knees and squatting down as her daddy prepared to hoist her off the sidewalk. The second photo featured her slowly being hoisted into the air by her father. And, the third was of her fully in the air as her father swung her around.

Now, Jeremy kept to his usual ways of protecting the privacy of his daughter by taking care not to show her face in any of the photos he shared.

Here are the photos he shared on his profile:


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And, here is a close-up of Felicity fully in the air with her father holding her:

Felicity and Jeremy Vuolo - Instagram
Felicity and Jeremy Vuolo – Instagram

Jeremy Vuolo had a huge smile on his face locking eyes with his beautiful daughter as he hoisted her into the air in the photos. He was rocking a stylish black jacket with khaki pants and a pair of vibrant white shoes. His daughter Felicity had a pair of pink shoes, green camo pants, and a long sleeve charcoal sweatshirt. Jeremy had a black baseball cap over his head and Felicity had her messy curls pulled back into a small bun.

Overall, fans really appreciated getting to see this tender moment between a loving father and his daughter.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo, YouTube

What are your thoughts on Jinger and Jeremy not sharing their children’s faces on their social media profiles anymore? Moreover, were you excited to see this rare and sweet photo of Felicity? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Duggar news.

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