Ashley Jones Trashed By Fans For Leaving Daughter Alone At Hair Appointment

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Teen Mom star Ashley Jones is being trashed by fans for leaving her daughter alone at a hair appointment recently. The reality star went off to run errands just leaving her daughter with the hairdresser. Her daughter Holly is just five-years-old.

Ashley Jones Leaves Daughter Alone

Ashley Jones recently took her daughter Holly to get braids done in her hair. She actually left her at the hairdresser for about two and a half hours while she ran errands. In a video she shared saying, “I took my baby to get her hair braided, right? Her graduation is coming up, we did her pictures, pick out her little style – boom.” The lady has done her daughter’s hair before and she sat there the entire time last time, but this time she left her there alone. Ashley Jones shared that she goes to this salon all the time so she is comfortable leaving her there.


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She explained that her daughter wanted braids going into two space buns. It looked super easy to her, but that wasn’t what ended up being done to her hair. Holly ended up with braids all over her head and one big bun, which isn’t what they asked for at all. She was very upset about it and paid for the service, but then texted asking for a refund.

Fans Have Mixed Feelings

The comments were very mixed on their feelings about Ashley leaving Holly at the hair salon. Some people said they would be very comfortable doing this and others trashed her for leaving a five-year-old for two and a half hours.

Here is what some of the fans had to say about it.

  • All these people saying they leaving their kids. Huh!!! I’ve never until they were preteens with a cell phone in hand. But yea I wouldn’t pay and that’s her bad for leaving her baby.
  • Little black girls have been left at the hair studio for generations i don’t think this one is that deep
  • Why the H#ll leave your daughter alone there?
  • I feel like Holly is too young to be left alone… literally anything could happen. Poor baby
  • Leaving a child at the salon ain’t unusual but it also depends on the child. 1. You know she’s tenderheaded so personally I wouldn’t leave her there without being able to keep an eye 2. She had to sit through all that because you weren’t there. Had you been, you could of stepped in and stopped before completion. Lesson learned imo. Salons ain’t like they used to be.

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