‘Sister Wives’ The Story Behind Meri Brown’s Traumatic Loss

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown is sharing a sad story with fans. She’s opening up about a traumatic loss that has haunted her for many years. The reality star often shares details of her life on social media. What is she sharing this time? Keep reading to find out more.

Sister Wives Meri Brown shares story of traumatic loss

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is sharing the story behind a traumatic loss she has endured. She went to Instagram to share and reminisce about what happened and what could have been.

On Instagram, Meri shared an insight into how she’s feeling regarding a pregnancy she suffered many years ago. She’s shared about her loss previously and also shared with the world that she and Kody did struggle to conceive.

Meri was traveling and came across some teenagers walking and living their best lives. They were about 15 or 16 and just chilling and hanging out. They were walking and talking with hands in their pockets. It made Meri think. In fact, she smiled and even giggled a little thinking about what could have been. Meri believes her baby was a boy although she does not that know that for sure.

Meri continued saying, “It was a fun, and even bittersweet, moment for me, realizing that had my baby survived, he might be engaging in that same sort of teenaged banter, and having those same sort of memorable teenaged moments. Granted, I don’t know for sure that my baby was even a boy, but my gut tells me it was. He’d be 15 now, and I often wonder what life would be like with him here.”

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This was a healing moment for her

Meri Brown continued saying that this moment was almost healing for her. She said, “There’s often a lot of sorrow and pain surrounding that loss, but having that moment of joy today, seeing those boys happy and alive, was healing in a way for me. Just one of today’s little moments of gratitude.”

Meri ultimately only had one child, Leon. It was when Leon was 12 that she and Kody realized she was expecting again. At ten weeks pregnant, Meri went in for a checkup and the doctor was not able to find a heartbeat.

She struggled to understand why it had happened at first. She and Kody had tried since Leon was born to have another child. So when it finally happened, the loss hurt even more.

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Meri has moved on but still thinks about the child she never got to hold.

What do you think about her thoughts on her past miscarriage and seeing the young men walking and having fun being teenagers?

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