Christine Brown MISSING From Savanah’s Big Day, Why?

Christine Brown and Savanah - Instagram

It didn’t slip past Sister Wives fans that Christine Brown (who fans understand to be extremely close to Janelle and Janelle’s children) was missing from Savanah’s special day. Fans of the TLC reality TV series thought Christine’s absence was a bit strange. This was especially true considering that in her absence, Kody Brown managed to show up and support his daughter. What was the reason Christine was missing from this special day? Keep reading to see what fans think about all this.

Christine Brown MISSING From Savanah’s Big Day, Why?

In a thread on RedditSister Wives fans realized that Christine Brown was missing from Savanah’s graduation. As fans know, Christine and Janelle still consider themselves to be sister wives even though they are no longer married to the same man, Christine Brown’s fiance David Woolley even noted on Instagram recently that he fully accepted Janelle as his future wife’s sister wife and couldn’t wait to share his life with both of them.

With this information in mind, fans thought it was a bit odd that Christine was missing from Savanah’s graduation. Where was she?

Janelle and Christine Brown via Insta

Now, it goes without saying that only Christine knows why she wasn’t at the graduation. But, that doesn’t stop fans of the TLC series from running through a few theories.

For starters, there is the fact that Kody Brown was at the graduation. Some fans pointed out that it was Savanah’s special day. And, she had the pleasure of both her mother and her father being there. So, it is possible Christine didn’t go just so she didn’t make it awkward or risk ruining Savanah’s big day.

Kody Brown and Savanah on Instagram
Kody Brown and Savanah on Instagram

Other fans pointed out that graduations usually have a limited number of tickets for each of the students. So, it is also possible Christine didn’t go because she couldn’t go as Savanah just didn’t have enough tickets for her entire family.

Overall, fans don’t have any reason to think there was some dramatic reason why Christine was missing from Savanah’s graduation. And, they suspect she still found a way to support and celebrate Savanah in private.

Do you think fans are looking for smoke where there isn’t even a fire to begin with? It it possible Christine missed the graduation so Kody could be there for his daughter? Share your answers to these questions in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news in the comments down below.

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  1. I’m going with the fact that every graduation ceremony I’ve heard about only allowed 4 people per graduate so I think that’s why. I don’t see her missing it otherwise.

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