‘Stone Faced’ Raquel Leviss Frightens Reunion Fans

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‘Stone faced’ Raquel Leviss had fans frightened during part two of the Vanderpump Rules reunion. She has been called out for showing no emotion as she watched the reunion from her trailer. More so, there were times were she had a smile on her face when her cast mates were crying and yelling. So, what had viewers scared of Leviss during part two? Read on for more details. 

‘Stone Faced’ Raquel Leviss Frightens Reunion Fans

Raquel Leviss could not be a part of the whole Vanderpump Rules reunion due to a TRO she filed against Scheana Shay. She alleged that Shay had punched her after they appeared on WWHL the night Ariana Madix learned about the affair. Madix was supporting her boyfriend of nine years, Tom Sandoval at TomTom. His phone fell out of his pocket and when she was handed it, something made her look at it. That was when she saw the evidence that he had been unfaithful and was cheating with Raquel. Since Scheana was best friends with Leviss and Ariana, she was livid.

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Scheana claimed that she did not punch Raquel Leviss but rather shoved her and threw her phone. A restraining order was soon filed and that meant that the two ladies had to be 100 yards apart at the reunion. Scheana started the reunion and Raquel came in after but the latter watched from her trailer. Scheana proceeded to break down over the demise of her friendship and the trauma from the TRO but Leviss showed no emotion. According to Page Six, fans were almost scared of Leviss.

“It kills me to see that almost everyone on the panel is crying, yet #Raquel sits there stone faced. Her lack of tears or ANY emotion speaks VOLUMES,” a fan tweeted. Another added: ‘This girl doesn’t have one ounce of regret, empathy, or shame.” ‘Raquel is f*cking creepy,” a follower noted. Her lack of emotion for anything that she did wrong despite saying she had to take accountability was off-putting for many who watched.

Write A Letter

There was a point where Raquel Leviss handed Andy Cohen a motion to drop the TRO. He had to be the one to hand it to Scheana as the women could not have any contact. While Raquel watched her former close friend receive it, Scheana broke down in tears. She was talking about the breakdowns she had been having and how her daughter had seen this. Raquel then smiled and said maybe she should have done more like writing her a letter. It was clear that she was devoid of any emotion and disconnected from her wrongdoings in the situation.

Did Raquel Leviss’ behavior leave you uneasy? Let us know and watch the final part of the Vanderpump Rules reunion Wednesday, June 7th on Bravo.

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