Whitney Way Thore Takes It Off For Anti-Shaming Campaign

Whitney Way Thore from My Big Fat Fabulous Life, TLC

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore has embarked on a new campaign to end body shaming once and for all.

The TLC personality has struggled with her weight for years — but the negative and mean comments have made the situation so much worse.

Now, she’s putting a stop to that. Whitney is partnering with a company to promote products as well as draw awareness to body-shaming and bullying. And in the video, she even removes clothing to demonstrate how proud she is of her body.

Whitney Way Thore wants to spread awareness about body shaming

Whitney Way Thore has been comfortable using her platform to talk about her size for years. She even has a Ted Talk about self-empowerment and living without shame.

That’s why those who are familiar with Whitney aren’t entirely surprised to hear about her new ad campaign.

In a new Dove ad, Whitney Way Thore wants to shake off the negative connotations that come with the word “fat.”

On Instagram, the TLC star discusses her new partnership with Dove and what it means to her. She describes how people have always made fun of her size, even when she was 10 years old and weighed 90 lbs. People reportedly called her “thunder thighs,” and the painful nickname followed her throughout school until she developed an eating disorder.

Whitney Way Thore from Instagram My Big Fat Fabulous Life, TLC
Whitney Way Thore/Instagram

But now, Whitney Way Thore wants to reclaim the word and stop feeling ashamed.

“As an adult who actually became fat, I have worked so hard to accept and embrace this word as a simple part of my identity. We all know people on the internet (and in real life) can be real jerks to fat people — but did you know it’s perfectly legal to discriminate against someone on the basis of body size?” she wrote in her Instagram post.

In the video, Whitney showed that she was unafraid to show off her body. She slips off her robe, revealing her beautiful tattoo as she informs the audience that being fat is just part of who she is.

Whitney Way Thore from Instagram My Big Fat Fabulous Life, TLC
Whitney Way Thore/Instagram

Shortly after, Whitney faces the camera and pushes down her shorts to reveal more of her belly. She pinches and pulls at her stomach before smiling at the camera and playfully slapping her skin.

Whitney Way Thore from Instagram My Big Fat Fabulous Life, TLC
Whitney Way Thore/Instagram

It’s clear that Whitney Way Thore isn’t at all ashamed to be who she truly is. But what did followers have to say about the video?

Fans respond to the new campaign

Of course, there were plenty of hurtful and unhelpful comments on the Instagram post. But there were plenty of Instagram users that agreed with Whitney’s message.

“I signed it!!! And I myself have a daughter with PCOS & that’s actually why I started to follow your show and I love it,” one supportive follower wrote in the comments, regarding the petition Whitney mentioned at the end of her ad.

Your mom is looking down and smiling,” another added.

What do you think about Whitney Way Thore‘s anti-body shaming campaign? Leave your thoughts in the comments and check back soon for more My Big Fat Fabulous Life content!

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