‘Teen Mom’ Star Taylor Selfridge Slams Pregnancy Rumors

Taylor Selfridge smiling on 'Teen Mom' - YouTube/MTV's Teen Mom

Teen Mom star Taylor Selfridge is speaking out against trolls and slamming the rumors that she is pregnant. She has two children with Cory Wharton daughter Mila Mae born in April 2020 and daughter Maya Grace born in June 2022. These two met on the show Ex On The Beach. She was actually on Are You The Oneand Cory has been on Teen Mom and The Challenge.

Taylor Selfridge Speaks Out

Taylor Selfridge went to her Instagram Story today to show off that she isn’t actually pregnant. You can check out the video below. In this clip, she shows off her entire body turning around and around. She says “Not pregnant, just you know, got a mom pooch.” There is a comment on the bottom also that says “Imagine body shaming in 2023. Sorry I photographed bad that day and didn’t edit my body for your liking.”

What Picture Is She Talking About?

You have to assume that Taylor is talking about her recent post on Instagram. This post is of her with Cory and their two daughters. In this picture, Taylor looks great, but does have a small what she called “mom pooch.” Taylor is known for showing off her body and posting in tight clothing. She has actually turned off comments on this recent Instagram post so you can’t see what the fans had to say on it if she was allowing them at one point. Taylor Selfridge does normally allow comments on her posts.


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Cory And Taylor Going Strong

Taylor and Cory are still going strong despite the fact that he found out he fathered Ryder with Cheyenne Floyd when his daughter was already six months old. At the time Cory shared saying, “Once I found out I had a kid, my whole life changed. It’s a feeling inside of yourself that there’s a bigger purpose. Now I’m doing everything for my daughter, instead of for myself. I had to put somebody before myself for the first time. I feel like I’ve got my power pack, like I’m untouchable with my kid. I have her and that’s all the love I need in the world. It gave me a sense of purpose. I never thought I could love anybody more than myself and I do!” Since then, Taylor and Cory had two daughters together and are doing well.

Are you surprised to hear Taylor Selfridge speaking out to the trolls? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss Teen Mom on MTV.

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