Scary Illness Forces Voice Actress Saori Onishi To Cut Back

dr stone new world amaryllis
Nick Davis

Famous Japanese voice actor Saori Onishi recently had to cut back on her work due to her worsening health condition.

Voice actors in Japan come much closer to celebrity status than most in the West. Many of these actors have significant followings who love to hear them in new roles. One of these voice actors with a long and successful career along with many fans is Saori Onishi. She’s been in a number of highly successful anime over the last decade. Yet, a recent update from her voice-acting firm is leaving many fans concerned about the future.

A Scary Update

An update comes via Onishi’s voice-acting firm I’m Enterprise, which operates out of Tokyo. The firm’s post, originally in Japanese, read: “We would like to inform you that Saori Onishi, who belongs to our company, will be restricted from some activities due to her poor health.”

Furthermore, the health update cites “dizziness and shortness of breath” as symptoms of Onishi’s current condition. Nothing outside of that suggests exactly what Onishi is suffering from. She did get a COVID diagnosis back in early 2022. It’s unknown if her current condition is lingering damage from that illness or if maybe the illness exacerbated pre-existing health problems. The result is that her level of output is going to slow down greatly for the foreseeable future.

saori onishi
Saori Onishi

Saori Onishi’s Voice Acting

Saori Onishi’s voice acting resume is long and includes a lot of anime that many might consider their favorites. Some of her most popular roles include Ais Wallenstein in Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? as well as Saphentite in Monster Girl Doctor. Onishi also recently made her debut in one of the biggest new anime Dr. Stone: New World. She voices the role of Amaryllis, a member of the Petrification Kingdom who joins Senku on his quest.

Saori has a number of voice acting roles coming up that will be premiering regularly. Those are the result of her previous output from before limiting her work due to the current health situation. As fans get later into 2023 and 2024, however, there will be a noticeable drop in the anime where Onishi’s voice can be heard. Her voice will certainly be missed by anime fans in the community, as she did have a very distinct style that many greatly appreciated. Hopefully, her recovery begins to happen fast as she rests and she can come back to do more roles before too long.

There are no more updates about Saori Onishi’s health condition as of this time.

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