Kim Zolciak Reveals SHOCKING False Imprisonment Details

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SHOCKING new details involving Kim Zolciak, Kroy Biermann, and false imprisonment are coming out as Radar Online makes police reports from the incidents on May 2nd and May 4th public. Has Kroy Biermann been falsely imprisoning Kim? Keep reading for the shocking information that was recently made public.

Kim Zolciak Reveals SHOCKING False Imprisonment Details

As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, cops were called to Kim and Kroy’s home on May 2nd a few hours before midnight related to a domestic dispute.

When cops arrived, they were met with Kroy Biermann who explained he called the cops because he got into a verbal disagreement with his estranged ex-wife Kim Zolciak. Kroy told the cops he wanted to take a shower and asked Kim to leave the bathroom. He claimed she refused to leave and started arguing with him. Kroy clarified the incident did not become physical.

Kim Zolciak/RHOA/YouTube
Kim Zolciak/RHOA/YouTube

Now, Kim Zolciak told the police she was in the bathroom on the phone when her husband entered the room and started “shouting” at her. Initially, she refused to leave. However, when she did try to leave she explained Kroy stood in the doorway of the bathroom and physically blocked her from leaving the room. She also noted he “chest bumped” her which made her terrified to move anymore.

While talking to the police, Kim Zolciak also revealed Kroy Biermann had a habit of taking her phone away from her and preventing her from calling 911 any time they got into an argument. In the report, the police officer confirms telling Kim she could still call after the fact because what she just described was the definition of “false imprisonment.” In fact, the officer went on to urge her to call 911 if a similar situation ever occurred.

They Were Ordered To Split For The Night

By the end of the situation, the police officer asked Kim to stay with a friend for the night. Moreover, the officer encouraged her to record and/or document any future incidents to serve as evidence of exactly what happened.

Talking to Kroy before leaving, the police informed him that they needed to split up for the night to calm down. Moreover, they informed him that preventing her from calling 911 was a crime and he could be charged for it if it happened again.

The police report confirmed the children were not involved and there was not any evidence to suggest anything physical occurred. So, no one was arrested.

Are you surprised to learn how heated the situation between Kim Zolciak and her estranged ex-husband Kroy Biermann is getting amid this nasty divorce? Let us know what you think of this police report in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest Bravo news.

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