How To Watch ‘Married At First Sight: UK’ Season 7 In USA

Married At First Sight: UK

Fans of Married At First Sight: UK want to know where they can watch Season 7 in the USA. This used to air on Lifetime on Wednesday nights, but that isn’t the case anymore. For some reason, it is missing from the schedule now.

What Happened To Married At First Sight: UK?

On Wednesday, they used to air a new episode of MAFS: UK at 5 p.m. CST. For some reason, it isn’t on the schedule this week at all. If you search the guide, you can’t even find this show now. It appears that they just removed it with no explanation. They aired 23 episodes of the season, but there are 30 total in Season 7. Fans wondered what happened to the show, but Lifetime hasn’t even commented on it.

They did this before with Married At First Sight: Australia and upset fans. Now, Lifetime has fans mad at them once again for not being able to watch this show.

One way to watch it, is there have been reports that you can find it on YouTube, but those aren’t always easy to find.


How Can You Watch It Now?

It turns out that Lifetime is adding new episodes of MAFS: UK to their Lifetime app. If you download this app, you will have access to episodes 24 and 25 of Season 7. It looks like new episodes are being released every Wednesday to the app. For this first week, they did two episodes at a time like they had been airing on television.

'Married At First Sight: UK'
‘Married At First Sight: UK’

The problem is if you missed any other episodes you may not be able to watch them. Also, if you don’t watch the new episodes fast, you could miss out on them. There are only eight episodes available to watch. The other ones are locked. To watch them, you have to log in with your DirectTV, Dish, Hulu, etc subscription, which then unlocks the episodes for you. If you don’t know your login or don’t have one, then you could be unable to watch these new episodes.

Viewers are still waiting on Lifetime to explain why you can only watch them on the app now, but so far they are staying quiet. It would be great if they would give an explanation.

Were you looking for Married At First Sight: UK Season 7? Share your thoughts in the comments below and make sure you catch new episodes on the Lifetime app.


Mandy Robinson


  1. mafs Australia and UK are better than ours in USA. you need to keep this on as its a great show and don’t just stop before the end!! Bring it back!!

    1. I agree 100%. It’s sad to say, MAFS USA has become corny and less real with each passing season. I 💙 MAFS Australia and UK much much more. I wish I could figure out how to watch all of the past seasons.

  2. Why does married at first sight, on lifetime keep pulling shows from Australia and the UK after we get hooked. Lifetime needs to get its act together. Im fed with this ending the shows almost at the end. Twice is enough, keep it up and I stop watching all together.

    1. I agree…this is terrible!!! When it happened with Australia I thought there was something wrong with my recording settings. Then it didn’t record the next week. I never found it again or found out what happened with the couples. Now they did it again at the end of a season with UK!!! WHY? Nice to even give a heads up on any of the previous episodes that it will be available by streaming or whatever means we have to find it thru now. SO FRUSTRATING!!!

  3. These subscriptions people are talking about are not cheap. You have to order Hulu plus MAFSUK is not on Hulu.
    I think it’s really poor on Lifetime’s part to do this to viewers at almost the end of the season, with no explanation or anything to let us know they value our viewership and commitment.

  4. Lifetime stop airing shows if you’re not going to show all episodes. No one wants to get involved in a program only to find it gone more than halfway through. Your network is becoming untrustworthy.

    1. Stopped watching lifetime. Second time they did this AND ITS ONLY BECAUSE THE USA SHOW STINKS COMPARED TO AUSTRALIA AND UK

  5. I’m done with Lifetime pulling shows midway through with no notice. They did this with MAFS Australia and now UK….Ridiculous. time to stop watching Lifetime. They clearly don’t care about their viewership

  6. This is the second time I’ve gotten burned by LIFETIME after watching a season of MAFS only to have the last few episodes “hijacked”!! This is ridiculous…being a paid subscriber for a network(expecting to be able to enjoy watching their programs)and have them randomly blackout the final shows in a series!! I think it’s time for consumers to BLACKOUT LIFETIME PERMANENTLY and stop subscribing to it…hope you like the ending.

    1. I agree. This is ridiculous! What exactly are they trying to accomplish here? Are they trying to get us to stop watching? Because I am not going to watch this show again until I can stream all the episodes of a season. I’m not interested in watching half, and then trying to search for the ending! This is twice now, so I’m assuming it’s their pattern. So Bye MAFS UK and Australia. Clearly they aren’t looking to expand their viewership.

  7. Why does Lifetime keep doing this to us? Get us hooked on the Australian and then UK versions, then pull the remaining episodes. WHY????????? So frustrating!!!

  8. MAFS UK and MAFS AUSTRALIA are way better than USA. The last episode was a complete waste of time. It is a crime to leave everyone hanging when they watched it from the beginning. This happened with MEN IN TREES when it was on that network years ago. Time to boycott them.

  9. I like watching MAFS US, but also enjoyed the Australia & UK versions. This is the 2nd time getting me hooked, and then the rug pulled out from under me. Not a happy camper! And this does NOT make me want to try the app… disappointing.

  10. Pulling MAFS UK and not being able to watch the final few episodes really stinks. I got burned on the Australia one previously but thought it was something out of the hands of Lifetime but now know it’s their decision. We should all stop watching the Lifetime channel completely.

  11. If this is how they treat their viewers, I’m not watching any more shows on Lifetime, and removing it from my cable subscription channel list. Maybe when they lose viewers and their ratings go down, they’ll take our concerns seriously and stop this tactic.

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