‘Fubar’ Season 2: Will Netflix Renew Schwarzenegger Spy Series?

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Fubar / YouTube

Arnold Schwarzenegger took on his first starring role in a TV series with the Netflix streaming show Fubar. The first season finished with a cliffhanger, sending fans away curious about what could happen next. Here is a look at whether Netflix will bring Fubar Season 2 to fans, and if they do, when it will happen.

Fubar Season 2 news and updates

Fubar dropped its first season on Netflix and brought Arnold Schwarzenegger to the small screen in an action role not dissimilar to his big screen roles. Schwarzenegger stars as Luke Brunner, a long-time CIA Agent who has hidden his career from his family for national security reasons. However, when the show begins, he is retiring from this career and wants to spend more time with his daughter while trying to win back over his ex-wife.

Yet, he is pulled out of retirement when an undercover agent is trapped and needs extradited from an evil arms dealer (Gabriel Luna). What he never expected was that the agent was his daughter (Emma Monica Barbaro), who had hidden her role as a CIA Agent from her family as well. The father and daughter realized they never really knew anything about each other. Now, they now have to work together if either of them wants to get out of this mess alive.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Fubar / YouTube


The first season ended with a cliffhanger. Luke raced to the wedding where his ex-wife is preparing to marry someone else. More so, he confessed his love for her and revealed his identity as a CIA Agent for all those years. However, the bad guy they had beaten earlier showed up alive and well and threatened to kill Luke’s ex. Fortunately, they were able to fight them off and Luke and Emma save the day. There was one problem.

Their CIA ally Tina calls them, revealing their identities remain compromised. They are in danger from anyone they might have taken down over the years. They end up going on the run to protect themselves and their loved ones. There is one problem. The person who reveals their identities were compromised turned out to be a traitor. Tina worked as a double agent for the CIA and Russia, and she has likely betrayed the team. This is where Season 2 would kick off.

Will Netflix renew Fubar for Season 2?

At the moment, Netflix has not renewed Fubar for a second season. However, expect that to happen. It is all up to the viewers, as the hours watched are how Netflix decides which shows to renew and which to cancel. With Arnold Schwarzenegger as the lead, there is a good chance the show will return for more.

More so, there is one other reason Fubar should be back. Nick Santora had a lot of people who wanted Fubar for their networks and streaming services. Ultimately, Netflix had to win a bidding war to win over the series. There is little reason to think that Netflix would bid on a series and let it die after one season.

However, when will Fubar Season 2 arrive on Netflix? If Netflix renews the series, it needs to shoot and edit it before a return date is lined up. Stranger Things, which had a lot more effects work, arrived on Netflix in 2016, 2017, and 2019 before delays with COVID-19 pushed off the third and fourth seasons. The Witcher was released in 2019, 2021, and 2023. With that in mind, the second season would likely arrive in 2025.

Have you seen Fubar on Netflix? Furthermore, do you want to see a second season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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