Will ‘My Hero Academia’ Get A Season 8?

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My Hero Academia Season 7 is on the way and some are speculating that it could be the end of the show.

Season 6 of My Hero Academia got its finale back in March. The season was a landmark for the hit superhero anime. It made a lot of changes to major characters along with very impactful plot developments. Fans already have some teasers for what’s to come in the next season of the show. This should be arriving before too long. However, could it be the end of the anime? Some have concerns that, at a minimum, Season 7 could spell goodbye for some time.

Season 8?

Season 7 has no official release window as of right now. Yet, many fans are assuming the first episodes will begin premiering around this time in 2024. This is because Bones, the studio responsible for the show’s development, tends to fairly consistently premiere new seasons about a year after the prior finale.

my hero academia season 7 preview stars and stripes
Stars and Stripes of ‘My Hero Academia’ Season 7

The question is whether or not there will be enough manga material by the time Season 7 wraps up next year for Season 8 to begin production. Season 6 adapts material right up through Volume 30 of the manga. Currently, there are only 37 volumes in print, with a plan to release Volume 38 this June. There tend to be about four new volumes put out for the manga each year. So the question is whether or not there will be enough manga material by the end of Season 7 to begin production on Season 8.

It seems like, if things progress at the rate they typically do, the answer should be yes. The manga will likely be up to Volume 41 or 42 by the time Season 7 finishes in 2024. That means, if the season covers six volumes worth of material, there will still be another five or six volumes out to adapt. Keep in mind, six volumes in a season isn’t a regular thing for the show. Seasons in the past have gone by covering fewer volumes.

New My Hero Academia

So when does it stop? Creator Kohei Horikoshi is working towards the end of the series right now. So at some point, sadly, the anime will run out of material and have to end the show.

It does seem as though fans are still a ways away from that ending, though. Horikoshi gave confirmation near the end of 2022 that he doesn’t want to end the story as soon as he’d initially expected. The anime could begin having troubles after Season 8, though, as Horikoshi grows closer to not being able to put out new chapters fast enough to meet each season’s turnover time.

my hero academia season 6 poster
A poster for Season 6 of ‘My Hero Academia’

The entirety of My Hero Academia Season 6 is available for streaming on Crunchyroll in the US. Will you be watching?

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