Tom Sandoval Trashes City, Officials Call Him Out?

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During a private phone call with Raquel LevissVanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval reportedly trashed the city of Pittsburgh, and officials of the city are far from happy with the Bravo personality. What did Tom Sandoval say that is being dictated as trashing the city? And, what did officials have to say in response to what he said? Keep reading for the juicy details.

Tom Sandoval Trashes City, Officials Call Him Out?

According to TMZ, the Bravo personality was spotted on an airplane on Memorial Day weekend. He was allegedly on the phone with Raquel Leviss. Speaking to TMZ, someone else who claimed to be on the same plane reported hearing Tom Sandoval tell Raquel he was headed to “f***ing Pittsburgh.”

Tom Sandoval/Pump Rules/YouTube
Tom Sandoval/Pump Rules/YouTube

After the details of his phone conversation made headlines, city officials were less than impressed that Tom Sandoval had the audacity to give off the impression that coming to the great city of Pittsburgh was an undesirable chore. And, they are speaking out about the disrespect.

Anthony Coghill, the Pittsburgh City Councilman, tells TMZ the Bravo star has no idea what he is talking about and questions if he’s ever spent any time in the incredible city. Anthony added that he had never heard of Vanderpump Rules and he has no idea who Tom Sandoval is.

Bobby Wilson, another Councilman of the city, affirms being familiar with both the show and Tom Sandoval. Bobby pointed out that Tom currently has some pretty big problems in his own backyard and should probably work on himself before attacking the city of Pittsburgh.

Tom Sandoval has denied the conversation he had on the phone happened the way it was described. Turns out, the Bravo star was in Pittsburgh because he had a gig scheduled there as well as a speaking engagement.

Despite the way the Bravo star allegedly dragged the city, Anthony Coghill reassures that he is welcomed with open arms and can return to the city at any time. He added:

We are welcoming, polite and help strangers with directions to get them where they’re going.”

TMZ goes on to call attention to the fact that Tom was talking to Raquel on the phone being suspect as the story was the duo broke up. The outlet goes on to question why the duo would be having a casual conversation on the phone while he travels on an airplane if they were no longer in a relationship together.

Tom Sandoval/Vanderpump Rules/YouTube
Do you think Tom Sandoval actually dragged the city on the phone with Raquel? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Bravo news.

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