Jill Dillard Hesitated To Spill Piping Hot Duggar Family Secrets

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Turns out, there could have been a world where Jill Dillard didn’t spill her piping hot Duggar family secrets on the heels of the upcoming Prime Video documentary called Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets. Sitting down exclusively with ET, Jill Dillard (with the support of her husband Derick sitting beside her) opens up about the decision to break her silence on some of her family’s deep, dark secrets.

Despite the massive amount of rumors swirling that Jill Dillard is estranged from most of her reality TV family and her extremely vocal husband, it was far from easy for her to open that can of worms. In fact, the former TLC personality admits she almost opted not to spill any family secrets because of how uncomfortable the thought of doing it made her.

What exactly did Jill Dillard have to say about spilling Duggar family secrets during this exclusive interview with ET? Keep reading for the juicy details.

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Jill Dillard Hesitated To Spill Piping Hot Duggar Family Secrets

With nervous laughter, Jill Dillard tells ET that doing an interview of this caliber was far from easy for her. In fact, there was so much information to cover in the interview that she initially didn’t really want to do it. She explained that she just wasn’t sure she wanted to open up that can of worms. After all, once the can was open… She wouldn’t be able to close it back.

Jill Dillard proceeded to explain the reason why this can of worms was hard for her to open is because it required her to go back in time and think about her childhood. Moreover, she admitted that it hurt her to come to terms with the fact that some families are still living in this type of predatory situation.

There are a lot of families that are in a similar situation. But it was very different, in the sense that like, my family was on television.”

Despite her hesitation, Jill Dillard admits in the trailer for the upcoming documentary that she is proud of herself for making the decision to break the silence on her family secrets. Jill realized that there was a story to tell and it would be told regardless. So, at least she had the power to control some of the narrative by speaking out about it.

Jill Dillard and Derick
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Do you understand why Jill Dillard decided to do the interview even though a large part of her didn’t want to? Will you be watching this documentary when it comes out? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Duggar news.

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