Nayte Olukoya Went Through Hell After Michelle Young Split

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Bachelorette alum Nayte Olukoya admits he went through hell when he and Michelle Young split. After the couple announced their split in June 2022 Nayte became the target of many rumors and a lot of hate. He didn’t really speak out much about it all. However, now, he’s sharing with Ben Higgins that he went through hell for a while after their breakup. Keep reading to see what Nayte had to say.

Nayte Olukoya went through hell following breakup

Natye Olukoya recently spoke with Ben Higgins on the Almost Famous podcast. The conversation started out light with Ben commenting on how tall Nayte is. Ben is 6’4″ while Nayte is 6’8″ and Ben joked he stood on his tiptoes to not feel short in Nayte’s presence. Once they got through the small talk Ben dug into the tough questions.

Nayte revealed that he hasn’t spoken to Michelle since about a week after they broke up. He said there is really no reason for them to talk, it was a “cut and dry” breakup and it ended for a reason.

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Ben inquired what Nayte would do differently if he could. Nayte basically said he wasn’t going to discuss it and it’s really not anyone’s business.

The breakup did change Nayte and he now has thicker skin than before. The split and the negativity that came from it affected him deeply. He said it was tough and he went through hell. However, the split made him stronger and he isn’t sensitive to online hate anymore. His mom and roommate Rodney helped him through it all.

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Why he didn’t defend himself

Ben noted that Nayte never ran to the media to defend himself or speak out about the breakup with Michelle Young. Nayte revealed it’s because he knew he would never win the fight. It was Michelle’s season and people love her. Fans have no loyalty to him and he gets that. He used the comparison of Batman and Robin to say that everyone wants to see Batman, not the sidekick Robin.

The headlines that were out about Nayte were not true. He laughs because one woman he was seen with is his best friend’s fiance who is getting married in a few months. Another photo of him out with a woman was actually one of Michelle’s best friends. Nate still maintains he never cheated on Michelle.

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As for his life now, Nayte is living in Los Angeles and dipping his toes into the modeling world. It’s something new for him and he’s loving it. He’s also still very passionate about his skincare.

There have been rumors Nayte could be headed to Bachelor in Paradise this summer. However, that rumor was not addressed.

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