‘Gotham Knights’ Drops Huge Twist As Season 1 Nears Its End

Turner Hayes in Gotham Knights / YouTube

Gotham Knights is a show on The CW taking place in the world of Batman, but it just dropped a huge twist that changes everything fans know about the Caped Crusader. The show takes place after someone murdered Bruce Wayne and it is up to his adopted son (Turner Hayes in this story) to solve the crime alongside the children of various Batman villains.

However, Turner just learned a devastating bit of news about Batman that changed everything. Here is what you need to know.

Batman was a murderer in Gotham Knights?

When Gotham City police found Bruce Wayne dead, they had several suspects. For one thing, Bruce Wayne was Batman so this made the investigation much bigger than anyone could have expected. In this universe, Batman’s adopted son wasn’t Robin, but it was a young man named Turner Hayes and the police decided he was one of the primary suspects.

Turner Hayes in Gotham Knights / YouTube

In Gotham Knights, Turner ended up teaming with other people the police targeted, including a girl who claimed she was Joker’s daughter. However, as this group of misfit kids has been investigating Bruce’s murder, they came across some new evidence that changed everything they knew about Batman. It also shook up Turner’s belief system when he found out that Batman might have actually killed his parents.

The villains behind the curtain in this DC series is the Court of Owls. This group was introduced in the DC New 52 in 2011. The group was comprised of wealthy and influential members of Gotham City’s upper class, and they had been pulling strings and killing their enemies for centuries, dating back to the 1600s. In this series, they are closing in on an item that promises immortality, but they need Turner to get it.

Once they captured him, they drugged him and he had visions of his parents. That is when a member of the Court of Owls asked him why Batman never found his parent’s murderers. Lincoln March, the Court of Owls leader who is running for mayor, told Turner that Batman killed his parents and that Bruce adopted Turner out of guilt.

Did Carrie Kelly know about Turner’s parents?

This entire revelation could tie back into a scene earlier in Gotham Knights. Remember, Bruce Wayne had a diary he kept. Carrie Kelly (the female Robin) took the diary and ripped several pages out of it, hiding them from Turner. The idea here is that those pages might have included Bruce revealing that he killed Turner’s parents – and why he did it.

Turner Hayes in Gotham Knights / YouTube

Batman has always had a no-kill rule in his life. No matter how evil the villains were, Batman never killed them and that kept him from ever going over the edge. With that in mind, there is also a chance that Batman didn’t kill Turner’s parents, but they ended up dying and he couldn’t save them. His guilt at the failure could have been why he adopted Turner. There are also theories that his parents were members of the Court of Owls, and after they died, Bruce took in Turner to protect him from the organization.

What are your thoughts about Batman possibly being a murderer of Turner’s parents? What will this cause to happen for the rest of the season of Gotham Knights? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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