‘Farmer Wants A Wife’: Haley Calls Out Ryan For Lies During Filming

Ryan Haley Farmer Wants A Wife

Farmer Wants A Wife couple Haley and Ryan didn’t work out in the end. Now she is calling him out for lying during filming of the show and it sounds like he wasn’t there for the right reasons. Haley went to TikTok to call him out.

Haley And Ryan’s Farmer Wants A Wife Ending

Ryan actually sent Haley home during the show, but then he asked her to return. In the end, he chose her, but Haley told him she needed time and space. Haley shared already that he never contacted her after the show was over. He didn’t even try to work things out with her.

Some fans are calling Haley out saying that she told him she needed space and time, so why would he contact her? You would think if he missed her and was as into as he said he was that he would at least try to pursue things, but he never did.

Haley Calls Out Ryan

Haley went to her TikTok to call out Farmer Wants A Wife star Ryan about some things he was doing during filming and after. It really does sound like he wasn’t serious about the show at all. You can check out the TikTok below.


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Haley was replying to a fan who said that she asked for time and space, so what did she expect? Well, it turns out she didn’t expect a lot of things that he allegedly did. Haley said that she didn’t expect him to text another girl just two hours after filming to ask her to meet him at the bar. He also allegedly called this girl two days later saying he made a mistake.

Haley also says that Ryan was on dating apps and in other girls’ DMs the entire time they were filming. She says she even has time stamps to prove that this was the case.

He tried to say on a live that the only reason he didn’t pursue her was because her social media made it look like she was dating. Haley says he was never going to pursue a relationship with her at all. She made it very clear that she feels like Ryan was on Farmer Wants A Wife for the wrong reasons. So far, Ryan hasn’t replied to these claims.

Are you shocked by what Haley had to say about Ryan? Share your thoughts in the comments and don’t miss Farmer Wants A Wife when it returns for Season 2 on Fox.

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