Davia Bunch Hints At Going On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 9?

Davia Esther via Insta

Season 27 Bachelor alum Davia Bunch shared a post on Instagram that has fans buzzing. Did Davia just hint that she will be looking for love on Bachelor in Paradise Season 9? She’s also been the center of another rumor that she could be dating another member of Bachelor Nation. Keep reading to find out everything that is known about rumors surrounding Davia right now.

Did Davia Bunch hint she’s going on BIP this summer?

Fans first met the 2018 Miss South Carolina Davia Bunch during Zach Shallcross’ season of The Bachelor. She made a good impression on Zach. Davia survived the first few weeks of the show. However, in week four, Zach decided to send her home and not pursue their relationship further.

Now, it’s time for former contestants of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette to head down to Mexico for another shot at love. There will be many men and women going on Bachelor in Paradise in hopes of a second chance at love plus they get a vacation on the beach while doing so. Is Davia one of them?

Davia went to Instagram this weekend to share a stunning selfie of herself in a bright orange summer dress. Her caption has fans talking. She said, “how do I tell the universe I’m looking for a husband this summer”

Davia Esther via insta 1

Of course, many comments from fans complimented her beauty and the sexy orange dress she was wearing. Other fan comments pointed out she needs to be going to Paradise. 

One fan wrote, “🎶 Almost Paradise, we’re knocking on Heaven’s Door 🎵”

Was this a hint from Davia that she is heading to the beach next week? Reality Steve has said he heard Davia was one of the women going on Season 9 however that is not confirmed.

Another rumor about her

Aside from rumors she is going on Bachelor in Paradise, there is another rumor she could be dating Peter Weber. As previously reported, the two were seen out on what appeared to be a date last Wednesday. They attended a concert together in South Carolina.

Witnesses say there is no way it was a platonic outing between Peter and Davia.

It all brought about more questions. Are they starting to date one another? Are they both heading to the beach and testing the water before going?

So far nobody seems to know. Hopefully, spoilers will be coming soon about who is actually going on BIP Season 9.

In the meantime, what do you think about Davia’s post? Was she hinting about Bachelor in Paradise?

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