Danielle Busby Breaks Silence On ‘OutDaughtered’ TV Return

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TLC personality Danielle Busby is breaking her silence on whether the family will return to TV with new episodes of OutDaughteredWhat did the mother-of-six have to say about returning to television? Will there be another season and new episodes of OutDaughtered on TLC for fans to enjoy? Moreover, where did she break silence with this information at? Keep reading for all the details.

The Family Previously Addressed Returning To TV

As fans recall, it was in July of last year when Danielle and Adam took to their YouTube channel with a video dedicated to answering the question of whether they planned to film additional episodes of OutDaughtered with TLC. Viewers had to either skip to the very end or watch all of the 20-minute video for answers.

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Danielle and Adam Busby explained that they still had a strong relationship with TLC. The network had not canceled them and they were more than welcome to return for another season. The pandemic, however, made things difficult to film with so many little girls running around. Moreover, Adam and Danielle admit they just don’t like filming the girls hanging around the house. They like to get out and do things while they are in front of the cameras.

Unfortunately, while this answer gave fans hope… It didn’t get fans any closer to the idea of when a new season of the family’s series might land on TLC.

Danielle Busby Breaks Silence On OutDaughtered TV Return

Over the weekend, Danielle Busby did a Q&A session with her Instagram followers. One question many followers asked was the same thing that pops up in the comments of anything they post. Would they be returning to TV any time soon? While Adam Busby often responds to questions related to this by promising to provide more information soon or to “make a video about it,” his wife Danielle usually just ignores the comments entirely. In fact, it is often Adam that replies to comments on her posts as well.

Danielle Busby, however, did take the time to address the question during her Q&A session over the weekend. The TLC star teasingly responded that “maybe” the family would “one day” return to television.

OutDaughtered - Busby - Instagram
OutDaughtered – Busby – Instagram

Unfortunately, this answer doesn’t really get fans any closer than they were a year ago. It just continues to provide Busby fans with hope that the OutDaughtered family has left the door open to return to television one day.

Were you happy Danielle Busby broke her silence on this popular fan question? Do you think she could have given a better answer? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Busby news.

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  1. I watched out Daughter from the very beginning. Adam doesn’t say much because Danielle shut him down and YES SHE IS A CONTROL FREAK. I STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT ADAM SHOULD START SPEAK UP TO HIS WIFE. DANIELLE THINK BEFORE YOU TALK AND CHOOSE YOUR WORDS WISELY

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