Lisa Vanderpump Responds To If She Knew About Scandoval

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Lisa Vanderpump is responding to the accusations that she knew about Scandoval all along. Rumors have been flying that Lisa might have known early on, but now she is revealing the truth.

Accusations Lisa Vanderpump Knew All Along

It was already revealed by a Vanderpump Rules producer that something big is going to come out at the reunion. It was even said that this could cause some people to not want to sign on for the next season of the show. No contracts have been signed just yet.

One rumor was that Ariana Madix and Lala Kent unfollowed Lisa Vanderpump on Instagram and that she also unfollowed them back. Ariana actually spoke out about this and said that they never followed each other in the first place.

On the reunion show of Vanderpump Rules Part 1, Lisa made it clear to Ariana Madix that she doesn’t want the fact that she is still in business with Tom Sandoval to affect their friendship. Ariana told Lisa that she wasn’t going to be giving her business advice. The look on her face made it appear that they might not be as close now, though.


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Lisa Responds To Rumors

Lisa Vanderpump is now responding to the rumors that she knew about Scandoval and denying that this is true. Vanderpump went to her Twitter and shared saying, “Ok I didn’t know…until a minute before you all did…I wish I would’ve tho. #pumprules.” After that, she shared more saying, “I know the revelation …but it ain’t that.” So whatever everyone is going to find out about when the rest of the reunion airs, Lisa does already know about it, but the rest of the cast is still in the dark.

Rumors are flying that it could be several things. One is that Brock Davies might have slept with Raquel Leviss as well. Scheana Shay already shared on her podcast that she asked him about this and he denied it. She believes Brock. Another rumor is that Raquel started sleeping with Sandoval while she was still with James Kennedy and that is why they split. It would be pretty shocking if that was it. One more rumor is that Raquel is allegedly pregnant and hiding out. A producer for the show already said that isn’t the case, though.

Do you think that Lisa Vanderpump knew about Scandoval before it was revealed? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss the last two parts of the Vanderpump Rules reunion on Wednesday nights on Bravo. They are also showing an extended version on Peacock the next day.

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  1. I don’t believe Lisa knew because if she did she would have tried to end possibly. Lisa is a buisness partner with Tom Sandoval and she would have known this would hurt their buisness.
    What Lisa needs to do is get rid of Adriana James and Lala for being so rude and disrespectful. If it wasn’t for Lisa they would be crap. All three of them have cheated and Adriana is just milking this affair enough already!

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