Kyle Chrisley Gets Some Good News Amid Legal Problems

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The Chrisley family has dealt with some serious legal problems over the past few years and son Kyle Chrisley is no different. While his parents are in prison right now, Kyle was arrested for drug charges while in Oklahoma in May 2019. Police then learned he had outstanding charges from Georgia. However, Kyle just got some good news.

Here is how Kyle was able to get off on some of these charges.

Kyle Chrisley gets some good legal news

In May 2019, police arrested Kyle Chrisley in Oklahoma for possession of meth. While this was bad news for Todd Chrisley‘s oldest son, things got worse. The Oklahoma police learned that he had outstanding charges in Georgia. It turned out that there was an open warrant alleging he threatened to kill his ex-wife, Alexus Chrisley. She reported he made death threats to her four months prior.

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The affidavit said that he texted Alexus and said that he would go “to the streets” and “take care of this problem with you.” He then allegedly said, “If I’m not with you nobody will be. Bye Alexus.” When she asked if that was a threat to her life, he reportedly responded by saying, “Yes.” The police said there were other messages he sent, including a picture of Kyle pointing a weapon at his head.

However, Kyle got some good news this week. TMZ reported that Alexus refuses to cooperate with the investigation anymore. As a result, prosecutors in Georgia have dropped all charges against Kyle for the alleged threats. They said that based on the facts and evidence, they won’t prosecute the case. However, this is not the end of the road for Kyle and his legal problems.

Kyle Chrisley still facing assault charges

While prosecutors dropped the charges in Georgia concerning the threat against his estranged wife, there is another assault charge Kyle faces. In March of this year, Kyle was in a fight in Tennessee and allegedly pulled out a knife. The original report at the time said that police reported he got into a physical fight with his supervisor at Penske Truck Rental and pulled out a fixed blade.

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However, Penske told TMZ that the police report was wrong and that Kyle never worked for the company. Instead, he worked for a company that shared an office space near Penske. Police arrested Kyle and charged him with felony aggravated assault and let him go after posting a $3,000 bond. This event came just two months after Todd and Julie Chrisley went to prison for bank fraud and tax evasion. Todd is serving 12 years and Julue will be behind bars for seven years.

Are you surprised that Kyle Chrisley got off his previous charges of threatening his ex-wife? Do you think he will eventually end up in jail for the more recent assault? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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