Hayley Kiyoko Celebrates Love, Says Becca Tilley Is ‘My Soulmate’

Two women standing close together - Hayley Kiyoko and Becca Tilley

Singer Hayley Kiyoko continues to celebrate her love for Bachelor alum Becca Tilley. She’s opening up more about their relationship and everything she loves about Becca. Hayley says Becca is her soulmate. Keep reading to find out more about their relationship and how Hayley feels.

Hayley Kiyoko talks about how Becca Tilley healed her

Hayley Kiyoko has found the one with Becca Tilley. People shared all about what Hayley had to say about her relationship with The Bachelor alum and how it’s helped her.

The two initially started dating way back in 2018. However, it wasn’t until May 2022 that Becca and Hayley decided to share their love for one another with the world. Now that they have, Becca has expressed numerous times how grateful she is for her fan’s support.

Becca has and continues to teach Hayley that good relationships can still exist in the world. Hayley said, “Our journey has been wonderful and beautiful. I think I’ve [also] healed a lot of my younger self in my relationship with Becca.”

Hayley and Becca via Insta 1

Hayley had a somewhat difficult time when she first came out in 2015. She tended to hold grudges against anyone who didn’t want to parade her around or be with her at that moment. Now, she realizes that it wasn’t fair to think that way. Heartbreak she’d faced in the past caused her to feel that way. Once she met Becca, everything changed for Hayley.

When Hayley got together with Becca it was a healing moment for her. She said, “I realized that we’re all on so many different parts of our [coming out] journeys. Just because we’re in two different places in our journey doesn’t mean that we can’t still coexist and love each other and have an incredible relationship, until she’s ready to share that with everyone.”

She’s her soulmate

Hayley talked about how she and Becca are there for each other. They have the best time together and are always laughing. Aside from all the fun, they always show support for one another no matter what they are going through.

Hayley said, “I’m so grateful for her love and she’s my soulmate. It’s been really great to get to share our love with everyone. She’s the best.” In the past, Becca has shared similar thoughts about Hayley.

Hayley and Becca just celebrated five years together in April. They continue to celebrate one another and show their love to the world.

What do you think about Hayley and Becca’s relationship?

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