‘Gold Rush’ Star Rick Ness Doesn’t Want To ‘Spoil The Surprise’

Rick Ness Gold Rush - YouTube

Gold Rush fan-favorite Rick Ness went to social media to address a mystery, but doesn’t want to “spoil the surprise.” Why did the Wisconsin native go to social media?

Most of all, what does this mean for his future on the Discovery series?

Rick Ness Addresses Gold Rush Mystery

Late on Thursday, Rick Ness went to Facebook to address fans about a mystery. He wanted to talk about the various rumors about him mining gold and alluding to possibly returning to Gold Rush.

He wrote, “Rumor Alert!! There’s a big mystery going on about whether or not I am mining this year. I’d love to confirm or deny this, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise.” It would seem that a “surprise” would be a positive thing, as last year, it was a shock that he did not return. Last season, he was not in Canada, nor on the Discovery series due to seasonal affective disorder.

Unfortunately, the only glimpse fans got of Ness was of Zee checking up on him. Rick looked considerably thinner and very downcast. This is when viewers discovered he had SAD. They were more concerned with the gold miner getting better than starring in the popular reality series.

However, now, it seems that Ness is doing much better, and there are more rumors that he is returning to the series. But, he is not confirming or denying whether he will be back on Discovery. Yet, he is definitely returning to Canada to mine for gold.

Rick Ness Gold Rush - YouTube
Rick Ness Gold Rush – YouTube

Rick Ness Looking For Team Members

Besides sharing whether or not he is mining this season, Rick Ness went on to look for employees to work on this mining claim. He also confirmed that this is where he is “right now, mining for gold.”

Ness then shared his requirements. “Looking for experienced and qualified operators to start work ASAP in Canada.” He described the perfect applicant as “willing to work long hours in a remote location and work as a team player under pressure.” However, he reassured applicants that “we will have some fun too.”

Ness also added that applicants can include “all backgrounds with prior experience.” He asks for a resume and a brief introduction. Many fans may remember that the then 18-year-old Parker Schnabel brought Ness into mining when Rick was touring with this band .357 String Band. Rick wasn’t only a stand-up bass player but had excavator experience working for his father’s construction firm.

Rick Ness Gold Rush - YouTube
Rick Ness Gold Rush – YouTube

Will Rick’s Fiancée Leese Be On-Site?

Many Gold Rush fans may wonder whether or not Rick’s fiancée Leese Marie will be back. It does not sound like it. The most recent news is that Rick has returned to the Yukon as a single man. The couple have split again.

Gold Rush fans, would you like to see Rick Ness back on the Discovery series? Do you think that since he is back in Canada mining gold he is officially back? Please share your predictions in the comments.


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