Andy Cohen Makes ‘Pump Rules’ Viewers’ Dreams Come True

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Andy Cohen made some Vanderpump Rules viewers’ dreams come true. He is known to have a lot of fun with his fans and make amazing memories. Yet, when it came to the Pump Rules reunion, he had something extra special up his sleeve. The reunion host extraordinaire knew what a big night this was. Therefore, when he got a message from a fan, he did not let it fall by the wayside. Read on for more details.

Andy Cohen Makes Pump Rules Viewers’ Dreams Come True

The Vanderpump Rules finale and three-part reunion are like the Super Bowl for many Bravo fans. It was the first time the whole cast would be together after ‘Scandoval’ broke. Of course, Scheana Shay and Raquel Leviss could not be filmed together so that made it very different. When the reunion was filmed back in March, it came out that two male cast members had gotten into a brawl. The preview showed that James Kennedy and Tom Sandoval were the culprits. They did have to be separated. So, there was a lot that fans were looking forward to.

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In preparation for it, viewing parties were being held all across the country. According to ET, Andy Cohen, who hosted the reunion, got a message in his DMs. Someone who had seen him around the West Village in NYC sent him this DM saying they were hosting a party for the reunion. They asked if he would be able to stop by the party as the guests would love it and sent their address. Andy Cohen decided to grab a few bottles of alcohol and go over. He then filmed it for his Instagram stories. Initially, no one answered and then the hostess appeared and snuck him in. It was a huge surprise.

Pump Rules Reunion/YouTube
[Pump Rules Reunion-YouTube]
“Two girls knew he might be coming but did not share it with the rest of us per Andy’s request, and they wanted us to be surprised. Then someone showed up in the middle of the reunion, and I heard a man’s voice when he walked in. [I] saw that it was him and absolutely lost my mind,” per attendee Lila Camillos who works at People. She shared that he was a lot of fun and they even did shots together but he could only stay a brief time.

Two More Parts To Go

There are still two more parts of the Vanderpump Rules reunion left to go. This means more viewing parties so Andy Cohen could feasibly pop up anywhere if he is in town. He did say he could not stay out late as he had to relieve his babysitter but this is a fun way for him to connect with diehard Pump Rules fans. It seems like fun was had by everyone with so many lasting memories.

What do you think about Andy Cohen popping into the viewing party and surprising his loyal fans? What would you do if he came to your viewing party? Let us know and watch Vanderpump Rules Wednesdays on Bravo.


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