Alfonso Ribeiro’s Daughter Is Doing Well After Emergency Surgery

Alfonso and Angela Ribeiro from Instagram

After suffering injuries in a scooter accident, it appears that Alfonso Ribeiro’s daughter is recovering just fine.

Fans were incredibly worried after the DWTS host and his wife Angela shared that little Ava required an emergency surgery just before her fourth birthday.

Although it was a bad situation, everyone was just happy that the accident wasn’t worse. Alfonso Ribeiro recently provided an update on Ava’s condition now.

Alfonso Ribeiro shares a happy update on his daughter Ava

No child wants to spend the day before their birthday in the hospital. But after crashing a scooter, Ava Ribeiro required an emergency surgery for pretty serious injuries to her face and arms.

But even that couldn’t keep the little girl down for long. She still got to have her Rapunzel-themed birthday party the next day.

Sienna Ribeiro, Alfonso Ribeiro Jr., Anders Ribeiro, and Ava Ribeiro from Instagram
Alfonso Ribeiro/Instagram

“Happy Birthday to my sweet Ava Sue. As some of you know Ava had a very difficult week. I’m so proud of how well she handled everything. She’s so brave strong and creative,” the DWTS host captioned his Instagram post on Ava’s birthday.

“I love everything about my little girl. On a side note I’m forever grateful to @mrsangelaribeiro1 for being so amazing during this time,” he continued. “Long nights with a little girl in pain and having to apply medication every few hours. My two hero’s.”

Alfonso Ribeiro, Angela Ribeiro, Alfonso Ribeiro Jr., Anders Ribeiro, and Ava Ribeiro from Instagram
Angela Ribeiro/Instagram

But the good news is that it didn’t seem like Ava was down for very long. Her mother Angela shared that she still had an excellent birthday party, despite the injuries.

It really seems like Ava Ribeiro is a very resilient little girl.

This week, Alfonso shared that Ava is more or less back to her old self. In an Instagram story, he reshared someone else’s story, featuring little Ava bouncing a basketball and playing.

Ava Ribeiro from Alfonso Ribeiro's Instagram story
Alfonso Ribeiro/Instagram

Although it was definitely an unpleasant incident, it seems like the family can put it behind them and move forward.

The DWTS host is preparing for another season coming this fall

The official cast list for DWTS Season 32 won’t be out for a while yet. But Alfonso Ribeiro confirmed he would be back in the ballroom this fall. And former pro Julianne Hough is going to be his new cohost after Tyra Banks‘ departure.

“I think we are gonna be incredible together,” Alfonso told ET about working with Julianne. “I think even from, like, hanging out and talking and feeling our energy together, we both see the show the exact same way and we wanna make it family again. Make it really just warm and everybody have a great time.”

He added that this season was going to be incredibly fun with the changes ahead.

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